Russia: Orthodox women get their own Burkini style swimwear in Moscow shop

A Moscow clothes store, ‘Baryshnya-Krestyanka’ (Mistress into Maid), showed off its range of modest swim wear for religious women, on Wednesday. The swim wear compromises of a shower cap, a sleeved top and long bottoms.

SOT, Evgeniya Karuzina, ‘Baryshnya-Krestyanka’ co-founder (Russian): “Mistress into Maid (Baryshnya-Krestyanka) was initially founded as a specialised shop for decent orthodox women, but now our client-base has grown and grown more varied, now about 30 percent of our customers are believers”.

SOT, Evgeniya Karuzina, ‘Baryshnya-Krestyanka’ co-founder (Russian): “We have to respond to our customers requests about clothes for summer vacations near water. They required a plus-sized and more ‘closed’ swimsuits, not a bikini, but something more chaste.”

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Царъ Самуилъ says:

i also love thr name of the store…. so propagandistic

Ismael Benhayoun says:

excellent act . God loves modeste persons

msjanegrey says:

oh dear!

jim52536 says:

Blessed are those in Christ… Very beautiful…

S Franz says:

Civilization learns all over again that swimming in clothing is dangerous.

Re-L says:

Why are Russians lying? There are no orthodox christians in Russia! They embraced Islam after communism, Putin builded in 16 years presidency 7000 mosques (the biggest of Europe in Mosqueow) and restored just 5000 christian churches! Now we clearly can see which religion Muslim Russia has!

Царъ Самуилъ says:

this is actually putting fire into the muslim flame. This says “We christians also wear burkinis and muslims can too!”.

This is garbage and should not be something to be happy about. Burkinis and burkas should be banned.

1nammed says:

*So, Orthodox believers after 2500 years…from Christianity…Now they found out that women they can cover themselves like that…So, they can get sink in water faster.*

Matt Boling says:

I’m really glad this is a thing honestly;
However, I will say that as a man, we shouldn’t be hypocritical and we ought to be modest too – our sisters have their own lustful attractions, and we should cover ourselves up to when we are swimming in my humble opinion.
So don’t berate a woman to be modest and then wear a speedo is all I’m saying.

AquilaVictrix says:

While I’m Orthodox too I think this is kinda bad. Morality should come from the inside, from being loyal to each other, from mutual trust and self-control of our own instincts. Morality should be a code of honor we impose on our souls and not felt like an imposed clothing for our woman to have. I’m happy less woman want to appear vulgar while dressing but I think there is a healthy middle ground between the two extremes. My humble opinion.

Alixundr says:

Reactionary idiots.

NaderR says:

A Christian burkini…

nikolt2000 says:

OOo back in the 20s

emeeeych says:

1930s and 40s era bathing suits are the best.

ᴄᴛʀx 14 says:

0:25 she is so cute ^^

Bolmein Heign says:

like 1930s where everyone was still modestly dressed

The Stranger says:

Religion is a lie to control the masses

Thermin Ator says:

Actually you will be much cleaner in a wet dress. It will work as a mop or a scrub, cleaning your skin.

Dexter Treehorn says:

It’s bigoted. Islamic bathing sack is more consistently. Sorry.

gilergil says:

That’s not enough, I can still see your face and legs, if you are copying dumb kebabs do it right.

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