Photo shows French police forcing women to remove burkini

Nice and fifteen other cities in France have banned burkinis, swimsuits some Muslim women wear that cover their bodies to the same extent as a burqa. French authorities have justified the ban by saying that the clothing poses a threat to the nation’s secular culture, particularly in the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris and Nice. Disturbing photos surfaced over the weekend of a woman on a beach in Nice being forced remove her clothing by armed police. The woman was a mother of two who’s family has lived in France for three generations. Women wearing a burkini can be fined €38 in some towns and The woman in the Nice photographs reportedly received a ticket for her choice of clothing. The policing of muslim women’s clothing in the France has met with widespread criticism, with many saying the policy conflicts with the country’s purported support of equality for women. France’s State Council is currently reviewing the constitutionality of the bans.

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Ian Dropsyface says:

Ban and Burn them. Scum in a scarf

Patriota Poland says:

Bitch muslim .śmierdzące kurwy mułzumańskie w szatach na głowach

3fishes inatank says:

It’s not just a matter about what a woman wears, its why she wears what she wears. And when what she wears is bc of a male dominated religion, what she wears is just the tip of the ice burg of oppression. A wet suit isn’t forced on anyone. When secular society says, you can’t do something that your religion says to do, it’s bc its usually dangerous to children and women and to some men. In a secular society, religion is kept at bay, as much as possible. If a woman is wearing a burka in a secular society, YOU KNOW that she doesn’t have much freedom anywhere else and neither will her children. Think of gay kids, female mutilation, or transgender kids. If you give religion an inch, it will take a mile. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


what would you expect from q country who allowed a British royal to die because she was with a Muslim?

Ian Dropsyface says:

Ban and Burn them. Scum in a scarf

Victor Paine says:

Congratulations france, you have successfully lowered yourself to the level of the secularists in the middle east. You are now just as intolerant of other traditions and religions as Saudi arabia is.

Tarun Singh says:

Muslims should step up and change their Muslim ideology,burqa pulls the women to move backward

georgio jansen says:

nappa burkini with Jewish colours are allowed

Patriota Poland says:

Muszą bardzo śmierdzieć w tych szatach

Tarun Singh says:

1st thing it looks scary,hides the proper identify of a person and its easy to make crime and it provokes other religion girl to hide this. Thats why in our India and other Asian countries are facing very badly due to hijab ,burqa and terrorism.Its 2016 not 800 year step up muslims

celyncapo says:

This is stupid…
France: I don’t want you to look oppressed so I am going to oppress you by forcing you in to your houses unless you come out and bare your skin…
If a women chooses not to show her flesh she should be allowed to do so. Same way if she wanted to reveal her body then that is her prerogative..

Jammy joe says:

its not just the West, India, China, Japan, and many more are banning Islamic gear, all agree they have caused many violence, bombings, etc..

Tarun Singh says:

superb decision

BlodOchStål says:

Good job France!

Tarun Singh says:

burkini should be banned in UK,usa and India also

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