Asalamualaikum everyone! In today’s video I will be sharing my experience as I try on the Nike Pro Hijab. I usually don’t have this sort of attitude towards my reviews on this channel, but I think that for all of the hype that was put into this product, Nike should have done a lot better with the Nike Pro Hijab.

Here is what I liked about the Nike Pro Hijab:
– The elastic band around my face felt snug but not irritating.
– The material was made of mesh

Here is what I didn’t like about the Nike Pro Hijab:
– The side profile of the design made me feel ridiculous
– The area around the neck was too loose
– The design wasn’t special enough for me to think it was worth my money. I would rather stick to wearing a ninja scarf at this current time.
– The curved seam at the top was puckering a lot

Thank you for watching my Nike Pro Hijab review! Let me know if you have purchased or tried it out already.




Maniha Rajpoot says:

I like the way u r …without makeup…

Maniha Rajpoot says:

it is soo skinny

Ambrah Rowse says:

I think it’s good for exercising but not for fashion looks

Isha Pervaz says:

omg this cracked me up.looks better on you than on me love….

Toyskram says:

I think it looks ok . I would only wear it for workout not for every day wear , so that is a problem cause it is not so versatile. But I still want to get it for myself and my cousins.

somaya alam says:

Omg I love u!!!!

SetASpark says:

I feel like I’m the only one who thinks it doesn’t look bad. My ninja scarfs make me look like an alien but this doesn’t.

E L L E H C I M says:

I’m so surprised by this, haha. The Nike hijab won’t make you look like a super model, but it is much much much more breathable than an ordinary ninja scarve. Working out in ninja scarves almost killed me since I got extremely overheated in them 😀 That was the sole reason I bought the Nike hijab (I have the same colour as you + navy blue). I have the smallest size and while working out it often moves forward, just above my eyebrows and in a skewed manner (which makes me look rather ridiculous). I have to pull it back once in a while (my face is just very small I guess). So it is definitely not perfect but absolutely worth it. Will never trade it for a ninja scarve 😀 I absolutely don’t care that it doesn’t look incredibly flattering, but I can imagine others care about this. I do however recommend working out in it before you return it, so you can notice the difference from working out with a ninja scarve. Look at the practical side of it as well 🙂 In the end you are using it for sports and not as some fashion item, though I do agree Nike could have put a bit more thought into it and I also think the price could be quite a bit lower. But personally I think all Nike’s items could be a lot cheaper, haha. A lot of their shoes for example don’t even have that much quality. With Nike, most you pay for is just the brand name. I actually own only three Nike items (two hijabs, one pair of shoes) because I think Nike is pretty overrated and just way too expensive.

Nawara Ali says:

Tbh, the seams throw me off. Not sure if I’d rock that look!

Fatima Chaudhry says:

Omgggg I ordered that I’m scared

YSIS Enterprises INC, LLC says:

I like the color of your hijab. I appreciate this review. My hair is locc’d and I like to wear my hair covered when I work out. I think this will be perfect.
I agree, maybe not good for fashion but I hope it’s great for functionality

Reyhan Kanik says:

I really love the colour of your hijab

basira muhibzadamz says:

you are sooooooooooooooooo beautiful

Susan Harris says:

Thank you for this review! I was on the fence about this hijab but now I’m pretty sure I’m not going to invest in it. I mean my face is rounder than yours and I don’t want to see what this does to it…lol! I still achieve the same idea with my ninja one that I have, just like you said. Plus sometimes when I wear that underneath my scarf it absorbs the sweat and still looks nice. Win Win!

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