Nike hijab first impressions + a wear test. Hope this video is helpful.

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osman ali says:

assalamu,aley kum sister I think you will be good if you start making da,wa to other young girls whom you know life they life to bring the light of islam in sha allah  Oz from Australia may allah protect you from fii kuli shar and increase your love to Allah

Glitterwrench says:

Yay for the fellow female Muslim martial artist. I’m a judoka. It’s lit

HaitianMuslimah says:

Your hair is showing sis

Houda elha says:

Is your taekwondo Abdel Kwan? ( ps love your video’s ♡)

Noel Bacuño says:


wina nuraeni says:

Masyaalloh.. you look so beauty… good luck for you laila tahri

Alena Allex says:

It totally looks like a thing for skiing. Nike even did not create anything new

paula shin says:

Looks beautiful, so glad it worked for you. Did you ever order a larger size?

Ka Jana says:

Hoezo ga je zonder hoofddoek naar sporten toe? Er zijn toch mannen daar?

Qamar Rafia says:

Where can I buy the cap that u wore under the pro hijab? Thx

xvii vxii says:

Are u from netherlands u have a ducht accent

InJor says:

Nike women yes, Nike Islam No!! Boycott Nike!!

SH M says:

وناااسة وين قعد تتعلمين التايكوندو؟

lina n says:

Mashallah, ☺

Rizwan Rafeek says:

+Laila Tahri

Hello my sister, don’t be a living advertisement for Nike.

Kara Karamfil says:

İt looks great!

taminichol says:

The English translation is swim cap, it looks great!

Fafima El Koua says:

Wat kost ie?

Guerrero AppDesi says:

‘Nike’ is named after the Greek “godess” of victory, and polytheism is inherently anti-Islamic.

Isha Pervaz says:

your reaction was the same as mine. absolutly hate it…

Yasin Elaheebocus says:

Hey lailatur quadaar u so cute

jettemse says:

Your hair is so pretty. I’m sad to see your channel being focused on your religion and less about makeup. When you said you were gonna delete all the old videos that sucks. That’s your choice and I’mma let you do you, but I’m unfollowing.

Fafima El Koua says:

Shower cap zul jz bedoelen.

judi - says:

Я не знаю а It is like for swimming or for sports yes like that for sports beautiful

jan mxa says:

No more nike!

Eva R says:

It looked very good from start as well 🙂

Faris Mee says:

Perhaps it’d be better to go without any hijab at all than to parade around with the name of a Greek goddess on your head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahlam Younsi says:

Waarom in het Engels vloggen je hebt een accent in je Engels zo raar hou het gewoon op Nederlands. En dat is geen hijaab wat je draagt iedereen over de hele wereld kan je haren zien al is het een stukje echt een nieuwe mode wat van je haren laten zien. Nergens in de koran of hadieths staat dat je zo je hijaab moet gaan dragen echt een hype is dat geworden.

Saba Nawaz says:

I’ve heard some people saying it slips off easily but it’s nice to see that you like it!

vénla says:

i love the background its so minimal and aesthetic

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