Modli Swimwear Review || Modest Swimsuit

I have been searching for a modest swimsuit for a VERY long time and finally came across this company!

If you’re interested in purchasing an Ella Mae swimsuit, Modli gave me a coupon code especially for Allthingsmothering subscribers! Use coupon code is MakeASplash through this link ( ) to receive 15% off your purchase!

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c hr says:

how much?

AvonleaMarie80 says:

For several years now my two teenage daughters and I have been buying ours in the fitness section of the store. We buy the shorts that have the spandex longer shorts underneath and the loose fitting shorts on top . They come as a set. You could also buy them separately, it’s just cheaper to buy them in the set where they are already sewn together. Also we buy the sports bras that are in the workout section to wear underneath one of the workout tops. There is a huge selection and again they are all made out of the same material that swimsuits are so it makes it nice plus you can try it on at the store and not have to worry about whether it fits or not. That is what I would suggest instead of looking at bikini tops or bottoms check out the fitness section because there are tons of active wear bras that have tons of support but would be ideal to wear under your swimsuit top. We got ours at target and it just so happened that week they had 25% off on cart wheel. We got ours several years ago but had to update a few pieces last year because my girls had changed sizes. The fabric is quality and holds up very well! I also suggest checking out their clearance. There is always a lot of clearance in the fitness section as styles change and seasons change!!!

Jaydensmommy2512 says:

Stinks they don’t have this same style in plus size. I currently wear a one piece swimsuit with the swim trunks that look like they’re for older men so they’re a little shorter than normal swim trunks. Hit me about an inch or two above the knee. My thought on swimwear is it shouldn’t be anymore revealing than what I’m comfortable going anywhere else in. I wouldn’t go to a restaurant wearing one because it’s not appropriate for that environment but not because I’m showing parts of my body that I wouldn’t show wearing clothes like a tank top and shorts. I do wish there were cuter options because I really love swimming and want to play with my kids, but it’s hard to fit in a world that primarily has less coverage swimming than I wear to bed at night.

Kristi Beth says:

Hello ! That’s swim suit is cute ! I have a question though… why don’t you find a one piece regular swimsuit modest?

Anna Brewer says:

Very nice as well as modest.

Ashley Thomas says:

How does it work in the water? Does the shirt come up in the water?

The Joyful Homemaker says:

I LOVE this!! it’s so hard to find modest swimwear.

My Blessed Life says:

love this! I’m the type to wear a t-shirt over my swimwear, this seems more comfortable.

Mary'sGold says:

Super cute! I can’t wait to get one from the Amanda K brand!

Creekside Homeschoolers says:

I wear a bikini with my workout clothes that feel like swimsuit fabric and I love it! it fits great and it’s does multiple jobs!

Alice C says:


Shannon Edgar says:

Thanks for sharing! That’s awesome. Your baby girl is so adorable!

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