Inside Story – French ‘burkini’ ban: secularism or security?

Tensions are high on the island of Corsica as more French towns issue bans on the so-called burkini.

Presenter: Folly Bah Thibault


Jacques Myard – French Member of Parliament and member of the opposition Republicans party
Yasser Louati – Human Rights and Civil Liberties Activist and former head of International Relations for the Collective Against Islamophobia in France
Anne Giudicelli – Security Analyst, and founder of the security risk consultancy firm, Terrorisc

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Jack Garcia says:

If they’re so concerned about secularism and security, why don’t they just ban islam altogether?

Ultra Magnus says:

France want to provoke conflict and the citizen will be the victim. Violence will be expected because oppression on women right.

TheJapanChannelDcom says:

Did they ban full length surfing rash guards??

11thedogfather says:

not all muslim are terriost.but all terriost are muslim.send them spend billions on defence for this

Milda M says:

what about nuns swimming in sea?ban them aswell? ridiculous and racist..

Reaper Predator says:

Another provocation from islamists. NO burkini, NO burka, NO niqab in France!

Pearly Baker says:

I wish I could completely cover up where I live in mid-town USA. I would love to walk in public without men looking at me with sexual thoughts, because we all know what you’re thinking. I’m not blaming them, it’s natural. But there is a time and a place for that, and I don’t want it every day where ever I am. So I appreciate covering up. I don’t want to “stand out” so, I wouldn’t wear a berka in my small home town, but I sure do appreciate that type of dress and I would never expect someone to conform to my style. We must do what makes us comfortable. To issue a ban on a Burkini is the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard. Really backwards. What century are you from? It really is no wonder France is having such problems. I hope you learn respect soon and gain peace for that respect.

Anderson gunner55 says:

when Christians are killed in middle East why cant europe do the Muslims in europe

Frenchkisssss says:

The only one who can actually speak english is that muslim dude.

michele piteo says:

Good luck with nasty , dark rubber ducks bespoiling the beaches on The Cote D’Azur. Money talks and there is lot of it concentrated in that area. Mafia too from the Mediterranean islands. Pretty sure the Mafia have muscle although always hidden. Tis their playground that is being besmirched after all. Lets talk about the burka nightie, that conveniently covers the face while leaving a letter-box for the genitals

MTK says:

Well i think banning things are not really solving problems generally. But i am thinking about my good old feminist grandmother, who told me about times when you, as a woman had to wear full body swimming suits on the beach and long skirts because old christian conservatism. So after a long battle for equal rights for women they won so you can go to the beach only with a small swimming suit and we call it equal rights, human rights, so on. So until now i thought burka and/or burkini is actually against human rights. Because they force women to wear a suit what covers the whole body because of religious conservatism. Does this have any sense? Aren’t we talking about the same equal rights what everybody should have no more?

Jyotsna Gokhale says:

17:20 “ask those women if they want to wear burkini” yeah right, like one is going to say no she wants bikini but her men would kill her for saying so!

Lone Wolf says:

Muslim garbage if your in France assimilate to their culture or get out

Yarwun says:

How does banning the burkini stop terrorists? Can anyone explain that to me?

Ultra Magnus says:

Well this dude does not understand about Islam. Even Indonesia with biggest muslim citizen never ban bikini. How can biggest muslim nation give more freedom than France. Dude you need to ask muslim women not by you own prejudice and assumption. Unfair dude.

Bejin Zirav says:

men should wear bikini then!!!! men and women need to be equal…

grow2b says:

It’s the host’s country’s right to dictate their society’s rules!!!  Keep you religion out of our lives–you love your restrictive life so much stay in it 100% meaning stay in your country and enjoy 24/7–they have beaches their–go their your laundry there!  Bring a soap bar with you and you’d tackle two chores in one go!

Vizard says:


If the woman who had designed the garment had not called it a ‘Burkini’ it would have no ties to Islam at all, picking on the women is easy, why not ban the male Muslim Jubba tunic ? I have seen videos of many hundreds of Muslim men doing there Friday prayers in the streets of Paris and blocking them for other people, it is the behavior of the men that needs to be addressed here, when they change, the women will change too.

Jyotsna Gokhale says:

How about protecting modesty of women by prohibiting facial and body hair of men to be allowed to be seen in public? Designer steel and concrete cubicles on wheels that would be locked door to door and protect males from view come to mind.

ElPocho DelMundo says:

Here’s the deal. It is unfortunately a myth that so-called diversity is a good or positive thing, in all and every degree, i.e., as diversity increases and comes to look more like unplanned segregation, regional balkanization. The aspects of the Islamic invasion that islamists refuse to allow to become metabolized, in the sense that greater and greater cultural , ethnic, religious diversity brings linearly greater and greater goodness. There are limits on the amount of “diversity” that an established society with a culture going back millenia can possibly absorb, from another “invading” culture, which is also well-defined, or at least, it was defined over centuries. No one is entirely sure what counts as Islam, it appears, but there surely are a very large number of people who are muslims, who are not willing to identify with modern western values. . There are in fact two very clashing cultures, not anything that resembles a kind of diversity that has any value in terms of producing something richer than the sum of two. Islamists who are French citizens, are indeed French citizens, that’s a tautology. But such muslims don’t play much of a role in the French culture Two cultures smashing into each other, with methods of settling that more resemble segregated societies or, on the part of the muslims, voluntary apartheid, than they do diversity. There simply can be no value in developing a segregated society. If European muslims would agree to accept western values, as they actually were doing with greater and greater secularization, back in the 198os and early 1990s,

As for us in the States, and perhaps also for the UK, we have the opportunity to be much more selective about who will immigrate into the country, and we would be very well advised to do so.

Maula marsi says:

Are the French frogs gonna ban scuba diving suits next. Twats if they want to wear them it’s their choice

Dam Fabrication says:

Burkini lol hahahaha
Bikini beach yes please.

Truth First says:

its a shame France needs to ban the burkini
it is hurting the freedom
if they didnt want Muslim influence they should NOT let them in

kapil sharma says:

we indian are tried from securalism

Hari TC says:

French hypocrisy at it’s finest. The french government is terrified of it’s own citizens and compensates for this by being extremely controlling. Typically France will try dealing with it’s issues by attacking the symptoms rather than the root cause.
The burkini is, for all practical purposes, the same as a swimsuit.

FIGHT TIME prod. says:


zonnekat1 says:

get rid of muslims in France

Ultra Magnus says:


Jeremy Liu says:

French rhetoric: we are progressive and support civil liberties and human rights but only on our terms

Vizard says:


If the woman who had designed the garment had not called it a ‘Burkini’ it would have no ties to Islam at all, picking on the women is easy, why not ban the male Muslim Jubba tunic ? I have seen videos of many hundreds of Muslim men doing there Friday prayers in the streets of Paris and blocking them for other people, it is the behavior of the men that needs to be addressed here, when they change, the women will change too.

viborrr says:

Burkini is unquestionably a symbol of repression against women. Yet if we start banning things based on their perceived symbolism, how far are we bound to get?

Fred Norman says:

The difference between a radical Islamic Muslim and a moderate Muslim is a radical Muslim wants to cut your head off, a moderate Muslim wants the radical Muslim to cut off your head.

BurningBeard says:

the french should wrap themselves in bacon and sit next to the intolerant

Sherlock Holmes says:

i am also not for ban of burkini… but the hipocrisy is while muslim are telling a womn shouldnt be told what to wear and what to do… their own kuran does same to the women… like i have told not for banning of burkini or even the hijab… but there should be real and unbiased debate on these biased rule in religion itself..

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