I Tried Muslim Swimwear/Burkinis For the First Time!

SO TODAY I had a lot of fun trying on these Burkinis it’s super hard to find modest swimwear for women! WHICH ONE WAS YOUR FAV??

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Find all the burkinis here: https://lyraswimwear.com/


Mariyah x says:


snp Dr says:

Are you muslim

Nony says:

This is so cute i have to buy this. It’s so hard finding ones that look good

Home Reno says:

Aab do one piece swimwear tops down to knees with leggings. But these are more stylish. Just letting anyone who’s looking for easier to wear (one piece top with skirt to knees) options. Xxx

Lynn C says:

This girl doesn’t not know what modesty for a Muslim woman is. All her clothes can be wore by a not hijabi but for a hijabi its a big nono.

A Dose of Dina says:

Didn’t even know that burkinis could be cute. There’s are so modern and chic! Thanks for showing us a new company 🙂

Caitlin Martin says:

I’m not muslim but I love these! I think these are fantastic. I’m a teacher and I’m thinking I might get one for when I’m at swimming carnivals and such with the students!! Thanks for making this fantastic video on them!

Paige Prevost says:

These are super cuteeeee

Zainuba Ali says:

I just bought my first burkini from modanisa. Really excited

Dhynasah James says:

You should try something from modanisa. They have good opinions. These are nice, but I dont like how the neck is not covered. And I’d like the skirt to be just a little bit longer.

Acacius says:

The evil in this world brainwashed women to be half naked. And they labelled that as freedom. One the biggest lie ever.

syrine cheerios says:

I actually was hoping for a piece that is a simple color( preferably black), is long somewhere a bit above the knee, is longsleeve and has a hoodie! A simple attached hoodie that can be tightened at the front would be so much better I think. Just a top like that with some leggings would be great. I hate the headpieces as they don’t suit me at all or stay on my head so I think what I described would be much better and can also be used as a workout outfit!
I tried looking in the women’s workout section in multiple stores for something similar to what I’m describing. I found some workout/swim material black leggings( that’s the easy part) but as for the top, it was more difficult. I found an almost perfect top. It is black with a small hidden pocket. It has a hoodie that can be tightened and even had thumb holes on the sleeves! But the only problem was that it was too short.. It barely covers my behind area which is so unfortunate. But I was thinking of looking for a long workout type of tank top to wear underneath. Those are usually made longer.
Idk lol. I hope I find something suitable for my tastes. I don’t feel like what I’m asking for is complicated at all but it was surprisingly hard to find..
Anyways, enough ranting lol.

Ayaa Theswiftie says:

They are so expensive actually it’s a 100+ dollars

Kheda says:

Haha very cute.

Zarimir Sabazz says:

I wish she was my wife now

Dhuha Eltag says:

Love this video❤️❤️

M S says:

As a person who is self conscious about their body, I never ever go to the beach because I don’t want people to see my flabs.. this might be a great option for me !

Hanane Qorar says:

I just checked the price , and it’s do good . But I need to check if they send to Spain .
Love them so much

BreenSings It says:

Im a Christian hijabi. I’ve been looking all over for something modest to wear. I AM NOT comfortable wearing a regular one piece swimsuit. It stinks because some swimming places don’t allow you to wear cotton or other materials

Muhammad Humayun says:

Love from Pakistan #muslim

Kryojenix says:


snp Dr says:

all good

Mahnoor Khan says:

but did you swim in it?

Kristine Stocker says:

I like all the tops. I get weird rashes from the sun, so always like to have a long and short sleeve swim shirt.

Aya Altelmissany says:

what does the suit like underneath the skirt? is it one piece or two separate pieces (top and pants)?

GreeneyesSalma says:

Its still not islamic. Its tight and short

Risma yolo says:

Omg the black one!!!!

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