France’s top court overturns burkini ban after worldwide attention

Women in France are now free to wear so-called “burkinis” — full-body swimwear worn by Muslim women. After a town banned them, France’s top administrative court stepped in to overturn the prohibition. Charlie D’Agata reports.


Rachel D says:

i cant see the problem with these, but like everyone else says…..sick of the muslim controversies

funny man says:

how about a mankini let them wear what they want,who cares,dont paint all with the same brush,where was the female cop,big let down for the frence again

robinsss says:

finallysome sanity and respect for rights sprouting again in France

Chad Heinrich says:

So bizarre for a government to think that it’s people can’t be afforded the individual freedom of choosing their own level of modesty.

arthur says:

Burkinis are ok . I wear one myself . This stupid clothing ban might just be a hint that the French have had enough of religious bigotry and internal treacherous elements .

Rem Rens says:

Next step is the implementation of the sharia in France. We’re doomed. Like the Mayor of Nice said, islamisation is progressing fast there. The day it happens I gtfo this country.

blackout07maroon says:

Just remember that Muslim women only wear the hijab, the whole garb, and that goofy bathing suit all because they have been told since childhood that if they don’t wear that crap, they are going to Hell for eternity. All done so old men/dead men who wanted to oppress women. So sad.

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