France’s Burkini Ban: Identity politics go to the beach (part 1)

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Identity politics have hit the beach this summer. After burkini bans in seaside resorts, France’s highest administrative chamber is hearing arguments against the measures. But human rights advocates are up against public opinion: 64-percent of the French approve of the bans. We’ll ask our panel if a string of terror attacks, the latest in the seaside resort of Nice, has succeeded in fundamentally altering France’s values.
Produced by Charles WENTE, François WIBAUX and Van MEGUERDITCHIAN.

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mohamed hasan says:

you lot are hated all Muslim and I thinks and try to finish all of than

Faria Dhanyal says:

I love the Burkini and I will wear it in French beaches! Try stopping me Mofo’s!

Deplorable Dave says:

Burkins cause division and have even incited riots from rabid dog Muzzies in Corsica. Google Corsica Burkini.

thucydides Neo says:

If this was Fox news, the whole of panel will be composed entirely of white men.

kenektik says:

If the French were at least ordering everybody else to take off their coverings on the beach their burkini ban would at least have the consistency of law. It would not be one law for your religion and one law for everybody else.

For the French justification of this to hold true, you’d have to go after the nuns. If a nun turned up on a beach in the south of France how would you feel if she was ordered at gun point to take off her habit? Unless you’re comfortable with that you can’t be comfortable with what’s happening in France.

Ah-Wei says:

Women on the Middle East are happy for being allowed not to wear a Hijab because they got a freedom they did not have before. The islamic minority in France who opts for wearing a Burkini are not happy because one of their freedoms is being taken away. How can that be hard to understand? The whole idea that France should be equal (adapt to one kind of standard, or so) and suppress any signs of multiculturalism is disrespectul and racist on its very core. Countries who support this idea in this time and age are just backwards and fated to face some kind of backlash. Another example, completely unrelated but that has been coming to international attention, is China’s CCP trying to force Hongkongers into speaking Mandarin and trying to limit the usage of Cantonese on TV and other media. It just does not work that way, and it should not be promoted. Maybe it’s time for France, China and other countries with this policy to rethink their values.

brianl9944 says:

“i wear whatever i wanna wear” is not the concept of democracy. besides islam religion dictates what women should wear… so obviously islam can’t get along with democracy

Monty Burns says:

either integrate or leave, France is not the United States

SeeTheViewFromAHill says:

imagine a fundamentalist christian had poughed into a crowd of arabians killing 80 people… I think the reaction would have been a bit stronger than just a ban of wearing big crosses……..

D Debeli says:

The muslims have been 10 percent of the French population since 2000. Either their natality rates are very stagnant, or the government is lying to its people.

Dave B. says:

No one should care what anyone wears … unless it’s symbolic of an intolerant, invading culture.

Shayneby Shaynebi says:

Muslim women in Syria liberated from isis are celebrating and removing their veils and smoking and men are cutting off their beards while in France muslim women and stupid European women are campaigning for women to remain oppressed. Amazing.

The only sensible person on that panel is Emma Suleiman (a muslim woman)

kenektik says:

8:44 If it’s about laicite then why do you allow nuns to bathe on the beach in their habits.

Dave B. says:

+ Lex Bor: If someone was going to use their freedom to take away yours, would you let them be free to do that?
You see I think that you should tolerate almost everything except intolerance. If you tolerate intolerance, then you cease to be tolerant. The argument becomes circular at that point. If one will use their freedom to take away the freedoms of others, then we have to take away their freedom. That’s why we have prisons; because people misuse their freedom. Muslims wishing to force Islam on everyone makes them unworthy of freedom. If I allow them that freedom then they’ll take away mine. That’s unacceptable to me. Muslims understand this about us and will use our tolerance against us. We should not allow ourselves to be manipulated and taken advantage of. That would make us fools.

John V. Philip says:

If Muslim countries insist and made it compelsery on burkinis, why non burkini countries insists on burkini ban? Under burkini, who knows there hides a terrorist outfit? Please do not encourage burkinis in non-burkini countries. They can practice burkini in burkini islamic countries.

Mazharul Islam says:

saudi arabia imposing women to cover the body and france is imposing women not to cover their body.both are same

kenektik says:

11:04 Jesus christ, she literally just proposed segregation for burkini wearers. Are we talking about modern day France or the pre-1950’s Southern United States?

Ken Arok says:

As a woman, and if you travel to those conservative Arabian countries, you can’t even wear short skirt and showing your legs. The local police would approach you, detain you or you might end up behind their bars. I think the French authority has done correctly as we are not Arabian country, and they have to obey the local laws by removing their religious attributes at all, no exception.

If they required us to obey theirs, they have to obey ours on lands regardless their religion rules, and I can imagine how very repressive and depressing living in such country of their origins where bans are almost everywhere, no wonder they leave their countries, but they have to embrace our rules. Once more, we are not a Muslim countries, we embrace the freedom and its revelation to have it. It is our rights.

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