Famous French Beach Bans the ‘Burkini’

In the wake of recent terror attacks in France, the beach city of Cannes has banned the Islamic full-length swimming suit, otherwise known as the ‘Burkini’ According to the Cannes mayor’s office, those breaking the temporary ban, which runs from July 28 until August 31, face fines of €38. So far, no one has reportedly been hit with the fine. A statement accompanying the new law says, “A beach outfit showing in an ostentatious manner a religious affiliation, given that France and religious places are currently the target of terrorist acts, has the nature of creating risks of troubles of public order that are necessary to be prevented.”

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jessie james says:

i support the french govt…france has had more than its share of trouble from these terrorists who call themselves muslims. If to safeguard the whole nation by doing certain drastic actions, I say go with it. AS for the naysayers, wait till your country suffers from terrorists then i youll change your tune.

sd8695 says:

Does the Cannes gov really said they ONLY BAN BURKINI? or ANY kind of FULL-LENGTH swimming suits are banned?

Chris Vassiliou says:

Civilized People with those have and follow same mentality and Savages Muslims with Animals.This is our new order!!!!

mm says:

Iran forces women to cover up, France forces them to get naked. I see no difference. Satre would be ashamed.

Erin Dsouza says:

I get it that some countries don’t allow women to wear burqas. Maybe because they think they have a false identity and is planning something bad. They just don’t want to take risk. And I understand that completely. But banning a female Muslim to cover up her skin while she’s in the beach is ridiculous! She’s showing her face. What if she has a skin condition and can’t be in the sun? Is wearing a swimsuit that shows more nudity better?

hadiiya hamza says:

France must be joking right !! This is so lame.

Danna Michaelson says:

Fucking Muslims, the world will not bend to you fuck off

PatricK WithaKay says:

And about time too.

Nouytre Nji says:

W E L L D O N E !!!! Go!

Macfly Marty says:


Doomguy M says:

I completely understand Frances position. the people of Muslim decent in that country are Racist, Sexist, and aggressive individuals that completely disagree with Human Rights. people are upset and deeply concerned with this, and they should be. The Muslim community treats french women as seccond class citizens, and murder homosexuals in large numbers.

but they are going about this the wrong way. They are attacking the wrong people. the freedom to choose what to wear is a part of human rights, they are destroying the clear message that this is a safe place to live and upholding human rights. leading by example is w hat they should be doing, finding and locking up people that use violence against women and children . there are more than enough cases to take.

niwuwu ginger says:

Don’t like French /Western culture, leave France then. Where is your pride ?
Where is your dignity ? No one can see with your Halloween costumes on.

Tomek Samcik says:

Modesty, privacy and morality banned as “a religious affiliation shown in an ostentatious manner”. As Slavoj Zizek says, it’s the Ideology at its purest

Anis zen says:

Same image as in the 40 th when Hitler’s Guestapo naked Jewish women in street’s.

Octavio Perez says:

Fuck I’d rather take fat over fucking terrorists.

Leigh Oats says:

Pandora’s box. The burkinis that I’ve seen look similar to skindiving suits. Ban skindiving suits too?

Or should _everyone_, male or female, descend on to the beaches wearing burkinis (or skindiving suits) and see what les flics locals are silly enough to try to do about it?

Nosufras BuscaLaFelicidad says:

Viva la France hermanos , viva Europa . Never surrender

MrGillyStar says:

I am more offended by fat/ugly people wearing a bikini. Let’s ban those people to.

SearchForTomorrow says:

Why bother going to the beach? if you’re nearly fully covered

Sabrina Shahab says:

You mean  , West  can  bomb  and  kill  , but those  who end  up dead become  the  terrorist  .  Banning the Burkino is  comparable  to  banning  of Arabic in Algeria  during Colonial times  .  What a  woman chooses to wear is her business .   So in France  one  can only wear  bikinis  in the beach  ,  and  no  other  clothes like  long  dresses  ,  Salwar  Kameez  ,   or  Sari  etc  .   Is  France  planning to  ban the beard   ?  This is  called  secular  terrorism

ridan zouz says:

c ‘est quoi ces hypocrites qui vont se baigner que les plagistes sont
torse nu autant les hommes que les femmes ,le prophète saws a dit
quitter une assemblée qui blasphème alors qu’aurait il dit en voyant les
musulmanes allez a la plage ou les gens sont a moitié nu si ce n’est
entièrement,vraiment les musulmans du 21siècle a part une infime partie
sont soit illettrés soit inconscient de ce qui les attends
AROUDOUBILAH,c’est quoi votre but dans toute cette comédie islamique et
ostentatoire vous cherchez a nous faire détester des derniers
occidentaux qui n’ont pas encore de haine malgré tous ces attentats qui
implique des pseudojihadistes arabomusulmans qui passent du banditisme
au salafisme ou du bar au minbar,vous êtes vraiment les cancres de
l’ISLAM, soyez humiliés par ALLAHSEPRANO comme vous nous humiliés
tellement vous êtes des caricatures vivantes de l’ISLAM AROUDOUBILAH;LE
SALAFISME ET LE JIHADISME sont des mots trop HONORABLES pour être salis
par tous ces pseudomusulmans qui n’ont peut être même pas lu le SAINT
CORAN dans sa totalité,la plage en burkini pourquoi pas les boites de
nuit en burkdancefloor aussi

carforumwanker says:

fuck these people . men go to beaches to see tits and pussies

Ozy Ash says:

The French are fucked. They practice incest and pedophilia just like most western countries. All European countries belong to immigrants and you dirty Europeans will become immigrants in your own shitty countries. The devil’s r white. its history.

Haqim Al-Arabia says:

this is an insult to Islam! The believers must stand up and take action, maybe drive a truck to the beach!

Missy Misbah says:

i just dont like how Muslims are being treated..they did not do anything wrong to you

666MikeRochip says:

ha!ha!..good job

Don Brogan says:

Well done France. We need to stop these parasites thinking they can do what they like in other countries. It isn’t 1900 morons. Ooh a man saw my fingers…..

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