Burkini: the never-ending controversy

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The top trending hashtag on Twitter for a time today was #WTFFrance as French social media users chimed in with foreigners who are concerned about the burkini ban in parts of France and its consequences.

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thedavid00100 says:

Only fascist would support bans like this. The ban wouldn’t stop radicalization, but only further isolate the groups they want to integrate. In short, Islamic radicalization will increase even more now. Persecution rarely defeats religious fanaticism, it generally strengthens it.

Manoj Philip says:

What’s wrong with the ban. People are scared of muslims as the kill everyone.

ChillsandThrills says:

Liberals literally want Islam to be the state religion. How can you be a feminist and support women being forced to cover their bodies?

Muslimah Zamzam says:

omg ban burkini veils so they want women to be naked ok fine lets go ahead and be fear i dont want to see catholic sisters wearing veils lets all remove it

Elaine Evans says:

People are blow otheres to smithereens and these people are getting paid to harass for what ?
No crucifixes !

thetinycut woods says:

Funny every country from the Middle East sucks they all got and follow Islam. And most countries with Christian leanings doesn’t suck but is starting to suck

fordhouse8b says:

Hey France, way to squander as much feelings of sympathy and solidarity as you possibly can, in the wake of the recent horrific terror attack. This ridiculous ban is illiberal, solves noting, and probably will actually exacerbate problems with muslim extremism.

MHN says:

What type of democrat country is this where no freedom for religion?
For some black sheep rest of won’t be ostracized.

Being naked is against of morality as well as all faith.

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