Burkini swimsuit inventor shocked by controversy of her design

CCTV’s reporter Greg Navarro interviewed the Australian inventor of the full-body Burkini swimsuit, Aheda Zanetti, who told us that she’s shocked by the controversy surrounding her design. Zanetti created the Burkini in 2004, wanting to design something for her niece to wear while playing sports.

The Lebanese-born designer has been in demand, since her full body swimsuit called the Burkini was banned on several French beaches. Zanetti’s company Ahiida owns the trademarks to the words burqini and burkini.


Quazi Abdullah says:

Good terrorists wouldn’t attack France again!!? Maybe its 1799 always in France…

adorable deplorable says:

no it’s not because of that it’s because of the terrorist you represent

Gerard Comeau says:

John Connor – Siriusxm Satellite Radio – 8-38-39-43-100-101-113-114-115-125 – (The Rebel Media) (France 24/7) (Sky News) (Russian Television) CCTV America: Back To The Future/Johnny Be Good – John Lennon/Power To The People – The Who/My Generation – Def Leppard/Pour Some Sugar On Me – Deep Purple/Space Truckin – “Berkini’s are not the problem, the Elites are using fear to control all humans.” “Government’s can not and should not legislate behavior of any kind.” (Keep your hands to yourselves, and don’t kill people)

Ash ketchup says:

guess france is competing to be the most racist country in the world. I think they are on the right track, keep up the racist work.

John B9990 says:

Muslims will have everyone terrified to go to the beach for fear of accidentally looking at their sex-slaves slaves and getting hacked to death with a machete. Fear and violence is how they take over and make non Muslims submit to Islam

Zachary Nelson says:

That’s a wetsuit.

Quazi Abdullah says:

Good terrorists wouldn’t attack France again!!? Maybe its 1799 always in France…

Hisham Rahman says:

shouldnt be banned

charles williams says:

good, ban it

lola bigcups says:

If you find a berkini threatening but not a nuns habit you are a fucking hypocrite.

Duane Ayers says:

Think deeper why this is being televised. Again they are controlling your thoughts by over and over having you believe this is wrong. Think about it.

BupOnThings Tv says:

i wouldnt want to swim with some fucking camel ridding terrorist fuck alah fuck islam fuck radical women gay hating fucking shitty religion of hate trump trump trump nothing but hateful killers rapping women is ok in sharia law killing gays o ya whata great religion i hate these fuckers god send them back to there desert so they can kill eachother an raise there fucking sheep sick dirty fucks

LemonDropGarden says:

They remind me of early 1900s swimware that both men and women wore.

TheDano1947 says:

Still looks to sexy for jealous muslim men.

Base-Boosted Aleks says:

whats so bad about wearing a ninja suit at the beach?

cj wars says:

this lady a uncle tom. makeing money off free pr its sick. if she was over in the home land a group of guy would kick her teeth in and call it to their god. but nooo when you dont live in the real shat you see no harm no foul in making money off your own followers she fake go back home and sell that crap see how long the doors stay open

John B9990 says:

You looked at my sex-slaves slave in her burkhini! I will kill you!!!… Gee why are people worried about this, must be islamophobic fear of machete attacks.

The last centurion says:

French are going a bit far on this one. why would anyone feel threatened by this. I’m no fan of Islam by any means our any religion for that matter so I’m not supporting their right to wear it from a religious angle, but simply any woman should have the right to wear what they please especially something as inoffensive as a Burkini.

YAHRAH Yahrah says:

Ok….I do not understand how this could be comfortable. …in the heat all cover up.

C. Ines Rodrz says:

Cool! Is like a Scuba Diving suit but less heavier. 🙂

Lorrie Sigley says:

If the Muslims don’t like French law ,they can go back to their own country and leave the French citizens alone.

Joanne Mercader says:

money $$$ GOOD

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