“Burkini” Spark Outrage from Feminists

The release of the “Burkini,” a full body bathing suit, has come under harsh criticism from France’s women’s rights minister Laurence Rossignol, who likened women who wear them to “negroes who supported slavery.” Critics of the swimwear have called Marks and Spencer “irresponsible” for allowing the sale in France. France recently banned the full veil in public on security grounds and because the garment doesn’t reflect the values of the republic. Jo Ankier and Mark Sovel discuss France’s response to the Burkini on the Lip News.


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Taffy O'Keefe says:

I would like to see Jo in a micro bikini. Next Jo is going to try and make us believe women actually like wearing black sacks for clothes in 100+c weather over in Saudi Arabia.

loomy 77 says:

according to this ” enlightened” “open minded” “tolerant” french minister, if a woman is swimming by the beech and for some reason she has the audacity not to let her breasts and buttocks hang out of her bikini, it means she is a slave who encourages her own slavery , because as we all know the freedom and value of women is all reduced to the percentage of skin they choose to show in public, the more you show the more fee you are, Not

universal_peace says:

Burkini is muslim bathing suit for women. Its done. Islam has taken over France and England. Ban islam from Planet Earth.

Learnzz says:

Westerners want to show their women bodies off, they become cucks.

Computer Virus says:

Are Onesie’s Islamic?

Lemmiwinks says:

lol the outfit does look hilarious.

CreativeType says:

I think people should have the right to wear what they want.

sausageman says:

Of course women want to wear a bag over their heads. Who doesn’t want their personality and humanity obliterated? Duh..


The burkini goes against the traditional teaching of Islam. Women are not allowed to wear form fitting clothes even in front of other women. Of course those who subscribe to secular beliefs won’t agree with reality.

Azizi Khadija says:

this is for the people who comments all negative, sorry losers you are need to educate yourself
we womens choose to wear it

idontwanna saymyname says:

to summarise the video, I am a women am expected to reveal my self to men (not to mension going through the trouble of waxing/shaving because its is socially unaceptable not to do so due to the sexist society where it is perfectly acceptable for a man to look like a gorrilla)- But WOW, feminists forgot to see that one ey!

Real Jorji Costava says:

God for fucks sake if you move to a country except it’s bloody culture, don’t go asking for you stupid rules and clothing.

Retroshift says:

fuck burkinis, soon native women who want to wear normal bathing suits will be frowned upon and discriminated; this is entirely against Western values. fuck those left-wing media too

reiluna010 says:

They represent a threat to the liberties our fore mothers fought so hard to attain is why these “burkinis” are so controversial

btothefman says:

Hot chicks should be banned from wearing burkas, fatties and uggies can wear them away.

Jewel Mathews says:

women should be able to wear what makes them comfortable!!!

thinkofwhy says:

Ever hear of a wet suit. SAME THING!

Tommy Latham says:

no wonder muslims rape women in western countries, their wrists show… harlots.

Azizi Khadija says:

this is for the people who comments all negative, sorry losers you are need to educate yourself
we womens choose to wear it

A l ex- Ha says:

What about being topless in an islamic country? These people want to establish segregation between men and women in every field of the society .They think that the way western women are dressed up is immoral .They consider them as whores ..They only move to the west to enjoy material wealth despite they reject western values … They consider West as a mall

Mohamed Hasan says:

So, cause of they have been forced to wear (burkini), he decided to force them to (unwear) it !! WTF !!!

bobbyb5 says:

In the early 20 the century women wore bathing suits that covered their whole body here in America. We’ve all seen the old photos and everyone laughs at how silly they were. Even men had bathing suits that covered their chest.

LupusPurpura says:

Sheesh why not just bathe in your jammies?…

Calvin George says:

I argue the best slaves are the ones who don’t know they are slaves.

Ricardo Silva says:

French feminists are amazing, first they promote immigration from muslim countries to france and then criticize them for wanting to maintain their customs.

andjpan says:

Jesus Christ let people do what they want fuck

TheDukeIsEarl says:

Looks shit, but who cares, if you want to wear it wear it. If it means you’ll go swimming because you’ll feel more comfortable then that’s great, but it still looks terrible haha

Heidi Williams says:

And it would be OK for me to wear a turtleneck and yoga pants to go swimming but this is wrong why if the woman wants to wear it isn’t that the definition of feminism that the woman to make whatever decision she wants if she wants to be a housewife? Your lawyer lawyer she wants were a thong bikini should wear thong bikini if she wants to wear burkini she can wear burkini

Andrey Petunin says:


Natsy says:

There’s a difference between wetsuits and burkinis. One is designed to protect against cold water; the other is designed to oppress women’s rights.

Computer Virus says:

Is there any Burkini’s or Burkah’s for us men? I’m sick of women lusting over me whenever I’m out and about, especially swimming.

A. B. says:

The BIG problem is the reason for which they cover: to be pudic. I know very educated muslim girls who really believe (or better who have been brainwashed to believe) that men cannot control if they see the girls’ head hairs. Now this is big issue because a boy raised in this tradition (by a vieled mother who teaches her daughters to cover) will have no respect for women who do not cover. Remember in Cologne, many girls said that the boys touching them didn’t seem to think that they were doing something wrong. And then, remember the imam of Cologne who said: “it’s normal [to be aggressed] if one (woman) does not cover and wears perfume”.

Steenk says:

The burkini is an ugly gimmick. Slavegirl cool.

The burka and the niqab are truly frightening garments, the raiments of the religiously enslaved. They oppress Muslim women and isolate them from the world in which they live. If you can’t see somebody’s eyes and face, then you cannot empathize with her, ‘read’ her mood, or engage in any form of meaningful social intercourse. The isolation from the wider society is complete. And this is the DELIBERATE intention.

These hideously oppressive garments are nothing to do with ‘tradition’, it’s all about prosletyzing for Islam.

Immary A. says:

Nothing wrong with covering up. Civilised and dignified humans cover up. Dignitaries, kings and queens cover up when there are important functions. Why is being near naked a symbol of freedom? It doesn’t make any sense. Anything precious, be it a gem, a house, a child or a queen – are always protected and be inaccessible in some way. In this case, the woman has chosen to cover up her body. That part of her, at least, is inaccessible to some and this shows she has no freedom? She has every right to cover up and if she wants to, why does it bug you? There are cultures and faiths around the world to be respected and learnt. This world is wondrous with the diversity of people it has. Spread peace, not hate.

Bibil 93 says:

burkini is no probleme probleme war in the world ect ect

Craig Phillips says:

I don’t see any problem with A Burkini. I am a surfer and cover my whole body in neoprene and my face in zinc. Let people wear what they want in the water. Plus it will keep those damn skin cancers away.

Muchacho Garcon says:

Very well done France! The burkini represents the humilition of women, their enslavement. Why must a woman wear a veil and not a man? Modesty? Don’t men have to be modest too? A woman who wears a veil, that has nothing to say, and that very often is unducated cannot speak of respect. Only a woman without dignity would accept what the Quran says: “women inherit half”, 4:11, “their testimony is worth half of that of a man”, 2:282, and “they can be beaten for desobedience”, 4:34. It is useless to deny it, as usual, since it is part of the sharia law and it is also in the hadiths. It shocks me when I see a muslim man wearing tongs, tunk top, shorts, with a veiled woman dressed from head to toes. VIVE LA FRANCE!

Lillian Morgan says:

It’s  France not a damned muslim country !!!! Wants to clothe like this?? Go to saoudi arabia or Pakistan !!!!!

No God says:

im tired of hearing the word discrimination or racism this is a fucking outrage

Steenk says:

Islam oppresses women. They are slaves for a death cult.

fragrance #Springhead says:

Shut up, Yankee pigs. you have no rights to charge other countries.

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