Burkini Maryam Monsef, Red Ink

Trudeau favours Burkini for Canada, Monsef travels with false info on passport, Message for Michelle Rempel: call for a pause in immigration to clear the backlog and secure our border 1984. Email Michelle.Rempel@parl.gc.ca and twitter Michelle Rempel@Michelle Rempel Please like,share,comment and subscribe.


Lori says:

Liberals have their minds made up before these important hearings and are just going through the process to ACT like they are taking everyone’s considerations into account. thanks for keeping us informed………

Alan Cane says:

A billion here. A billion there. Pretty soon we’re talking about real money. But young Liberals don’t care. Because they can’t see the connection between giving cheques to border crasher’s and having to wait an extra two months for an MRI. “There should be money for everything”, they say. And they use that word “should” a lot.

Marylee Macpherson says:

I have no problem with a birkini at public pool.. but not at a beach .. beach is no place for a birkini just like France .. Moslem men take videos of girls with on beach.. turn the camera around & video them…

pamela kingwell says:


D Mac says:

Love this news site. Keep up the great work making these liberal lunatics look like the idiots they really are.

My Direct Opinion says:

#TraitorTrudeauMustbeRemovedfromOffice Trudeau is a traitor and must be eliminated from the politcal scene He should be arrest for breaking our Ethics Laws designed for Politicians

Jamie Siple says:

liberal is trying to take people right and freedom away for islam

pamela kingwell says:

Trudeau is a fool!

D Mac says:

Turdeau is supporting Islam at Canadians expense. Treasonous. Keep religion out of government or going to create civil war.

My Direct Opinion says:

#BanIslam Islam has no place in any democratic society

D Mac says:

It has nothing to do with religion. They cover up to please their loser husband or father. Ridiculous. This is Canada where woman are supposed to be free.

Gogetemgirl K says:

Trudeau has to stop virtue signaling, telling Canadians how we will be behave, how we will think, and how we will be his kind of Canadians. enough is enough. I am so sick of his shit. Skipping committee meetings, same talking points over and over, avoiding answering for his poor ethical behavior while he tells us how we should behave. He is an absolute DISGRACE to our Canadian Veterans and military. He’d have the damn money if he didn’t give Clinton foundation 25 million, or paying off Kadhr among many other useless ways he has spent our tax dollars. I can’t wait until he and his liberal government are OUT!

Mystic Beast Productions says:

here is my email for Barrie Ontario residents – tried to give it to you during chat but it would not allow me to do so.
info@mysticbeast.com – Thanks for being a beacon of light in these dark days.


Trudeau is Canada’s globalist New World Order George Soros puppet! >:(

Nancy Anthoulakis says:

Trudeau wants to send a message that Canadians are a country of hate.Hahahaha! We have been tolerant. We have been welcoming. We have fed & sheltered. That’s not hate.HATE: is an invasion that is intent on forcing us to shut up or get out of our own no longer Canadian country.

Alan Cane says:

Trudeau looks like somebody who needs a dose of reality. Maybe it’ll come with his first bald spot. Or, first real health crisis where he finally realizes he’s going to get old, sick and die like everybody else.

Alan Cane says:

It’s hard to believe there are still Canadians genuinely excited to hear Trudeau speak.

Alan Cane says:

Trudeau makes it sound like a personal choice, but why are women in places like Iran being punished for taking the nijab off?

Diesel Bear says:

In the letter to Michelle Rempel, I would omit the “If you want our votes, close the border” line. It just sounds a bit hostage negotiation-ish to me, and with the Liberal party having the vast majority of seats the opposition has very little (zero) power.

Sandra McCormick says:


Patricia King says:

She looks fucking ridiculous!!!! Just stay home….

twelvepack101 says:

Trudeau ? Monsef? Sajjan? Hussen ? = Treason ? There must be an upstanding Canadian who practices Constitutional law and someone who can follow the money to rid the Canadian people of all this .

Tpro 1115 says:

We changed the lyrics of Oh Canada to include women and at the same time Pedeau wants women to wrap in a potato sack so as to hide thier hideous female bodies ??? WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT ???

No Name says:

throw some bacon in the water – they don’t come back – problem solved. no bacon ? tell them you did anyways

Alan Cane says:

Every time I see a woman wearing that burka I’m reminded to mail a letter.

No Name says:

so when are we marching on Ottawa – turdeau is sure we aint got the balls. we are his sheepole. we will just bend at the knee and bow to queen turdeaus regime. how are those mussy praying coming along? turdeau says 5 times a day or you are a bad canadian

DJ Jordan says:

I disagree with telling women what to wear or not wear. I don’t like the covered faces at all nor religious gear in schools and workplaces however if she WANTS to wear that then let her.

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