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France’s highest administrative court has ruled to overturn the ban on wearing burkinis on French beaches. DW speaks with the creator of the full-body swimwear, Aheda Zanetti, and with journalist Jake Cigainero, currently based in France.


Q.I. D'un caillou 3 says:

Google translation :
This is totally outrageous, it is within the reach of a child understand that the burkini
 much as the burqa or any Muslim attire is a clear sign
 a religious radicalization.
 ….. These accoutrements are worn by worshipers of the Koran
or the intimate Koran ordered his believers violently discriminate
absolutely all non-believers in Allah and His Prophet is a cinch:
that is, the degree of stupidity of many of our politicians, even the government.

I still think that after all these many and varied attacks that we are suffering from extremist Muslims since well before 11 September 2001
 we now wait longer to stop all these hypocrites sales pitches.

All those hypocrites who claim the right to dress as they wish
when in fact their purpose is the practice of this Islam that the Qur’an, the Sunnah and Shariah
 incites a violent contempt for Christians and Jews of all non-believers in Allah and His Prophet.

The intelligence of the citizens of the “free world”, under the blows of 16 January 2015 and 13 November 2015 (nine yards) among others, will eventually awaken, wake up.

Since the invention of Gutenberg, the Internet allows greater distribution
knowledge. On your computer! !

Liza B says:

maybe muslim woman are trying to get freedom if even in a small way. maybe this a start for them. going to the beach and wearing less clothes

Mick7sp says:

This person’s motive is money if you think differently you are only fooling yourself.

Ewe Toobe says:

I won’t be surprised if the burkini inventor will be given Nobel Peace Prize or something like that

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