Burkini Ban: Third town in France prohibits Islamic swimsuit after beach brawl on Corsica

Tensions are simmering on the French island of Corsica where a large brawl, erupted after a tourist took pictures of women of North African descent, wearing full-body swimsuits known as burkinis.

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Mike Raulston says:

assimilate to the laws and ways of the country you are in or find one that suits your needs.

Laurie Beningfield says:

take off that head gear and show their faces because then you know who attacked you then you know what’s going on with the people

Max Emmerich says:

…they wear their religion (burkini) in public to display their religious superiority and antagonise the locals with their recalcitrant behaviour. This shows they only submit to Islamic ideology and treat secular law with disdain.

John Edwards says:

these people look and dress ridiculous there women dress like that because they are just pure buttt ugly hairy legs ,ass beards and everything under that black sweating rag . do a good deed today punch a Muslim every day !!!!.

Sexxistentialist says:

just throw those inferior ass backwards pisslamist apes into concentration camps and deport the ones that need to be deported. ….no mercy for those pestilent apes. Allah Fuckbar!

Ĺinda Rothera says:

Here Here get them out the muslims are not what multi culturalism is about they just drag cultures down to their low level

Secular Sista says:

I hate Islam so fucking much and I will not apologize for it just because I am white. Islam is not a race but a violent political ideology. Ideologies do not have rights. Prophet himself said that he has been made victorious with terror in Sahih Bukhari 4.52.220. We don’t need any more terror and it starts with banning the religion of pieces.

Reaper Predator says:

This stupid bitch should stay in her country and stop provocating people who reject muslim oscurantism!

Laurie Beningfield says:

shut the f****** you Muslim m***********

Crusader The says:

burkini is not the problem, it is islam

Joe Piervincenti says:

In the US there is freedom and tolerance but one will not be permitted to be covered in a bank or casino. Casinos may not be of interest but banking may be more common. Banks have signs on their doors, no hats, sunglasses, or hooded shirts. However, people probably more use online banking anyway.

Fabian Brown says:

Imagine that a Mussie dislikes the Burqini ban…Imagine that.

Max Emmerich says:

There is no peace with islam, only terrorism and jihad.

Douglas Waterman says:

Kick every muslim out of Corsica. Close down all the mosques.

Golden Golly says:


Chester Sabajo says:

dumb french with their liberal politics.

jacquelinehunt1 says:

on Jun 30, 2017

Of Muslims In U S About To RIOT Over What Happened Last Night After Trump Got
His Way

Millions of Muslims are across the country are feeling the full wrath of our
president who is officially fed up with what’s been happening in America and
isn’t going to take it anymore. Better than this surprise move that’s in effect
now, there’s absolutely nothing these infuriated Islamists can do about it now.
Even still, entitled Muslims are a violent bunch and this sudden decision is
sure to spark to protesting in the least or perhaps a full-on riot in the
streets, depending on how furious these people get.

The left has tried their hardest to derail President Trump from everything he
does on his path to make America great again. They’re used to a pushover
president who would cave to their every complaint and cater to those in the
country who don’t belong here and hope to harm our people and way of life.
Those days are over and a powerhouse is back in the White House with some true
American help from our Constitution-honoring Supreme Court.

When it was Obama signing executive orders in the middle of the night when
nobody was looking at his secret destruction, liberals praised him for his
“leadership.” Now that Trump’s pen is taking action, the left is in complete
meltdown, revolting against every decision he puts in place but at the end of
the day, he’s still the one in charge. His travel ban isn’t up for debate any
longer or blocking by liberal judges the left has in their pockets. This
important safety measure goes into full effect Thursday night, along with some
extra details liberals and Muslims probably won’t appreciate too much.

Fox News reports:

Trump’s tweets dominate White House press briefing

With President Donald Trump’s travel ban set to go into effect Thursday
evening, there’s still some confusion about who exactly is barred from coming
to the U.S.  The Supreme Court on Monday
partially restored Trump’s executive order — widely seen as a Muslim ban — and
the administration set new criteria on Wednesday for visa applicants and
refugees.   The new restrictions, which
were sent to U.S. consulates and embassies Wednesday night, will go into effect
at 8 p.m. ET Thursday.

People from six Muslim-majority nations from entering the country. Those
countries are: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.   New guidelines stipulate that visa
applicants from those six nations must be able to prove a “bona fide
relationship” in the U.S. If an applicant cannot prove that relationship, then
they will be barred from the U.S. for 90 days.

The only exception to this court-enforced travel ban applies to those who had
already secured visas and will be allowed to into the U.S. “Those entering the
U.S. for business purposes, students and journalists might also be allowed so
long as that they have the proper documentation, a State Department official
told Fox News.”   The revised travel ban,
previously and erroneously referred to as a “Muslim ban” by liberals, cannot be
challenged since it’s legally enforceable — effectively tying the hands of
Muslim sympathizers who would stop at nothing to let the potential terrorists
into America. It puts a 90-day travel ban on people coming from Sudan, Syria,
Iran, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen. Although the prior order prevented travel from
Iraq, this one does not, as well as it no longer gives Christians priority
since that was something that Trump had to concede to in order to make this
order unchallengeable.

Still in effect with this travel ban is Trump’s suspension of the entire
refugee program for the next 120 days, preventing  50,000 refugees from entering anytime in the
next four months, according to Jezebel.  This
will give authorities time to solidify the vetting process which is imperative
to our safety. However, refugees accepted into the program prior to June 6 will
be allowed to continue on with resettlement.

“Like every nation, the United States has a right to control who enters our
country and to keep out those who would do us harm,” Attorney General Jeff
Sessions said, according to Fox News.

When Trump promised to make America great again, he meant it and no matter how
hard they tried, liberals couldn’t stop that from happening in this particularly huge move. Banning would-be terrorists is long overdue and it’s really hard to argue a solid point as to how stronger vetting processes are a bad thing. This simply allows innocent people in that liberals speak of and weeds out those who potentially want to destroy America and citizens. WE prayed for President Trump to over-ride the DEVIL Hillary and Obama!!God Bless AMERICA and the hell with Islamic/Iran 12 Imam/Muslim Brotherhood.

Kate DeO says:

Wake up America !

Arctic Piløts says:

lol what about nuns? They basically wear the same things

Jon Beim says:

The word racism has been used falsely so much by liberals it has no power !

anilkumar4017 says:

muslims are cunning rascals don,t get deceived by their crocodile tears .. vulgar minded beasts

Kenneth kamran says:

asif arif. ..I love to perform labour as bible preacher @ SAUDI SOIL. ..is it possible? now may be you said law of the land …France have own law …..

Ritchie Baxter says:

Muslims moaning again. They want freedom to wear what they won’t except no body has freedom in Muslim countries. If some countries have bikini as a tradition then they must except it just like none Muslims in a Muslim country have to respect there traditions ie covering the body.

Adrianna Spencer says:

the government can not arrest ALL OF U…assimilate!!! ambush an END THEM!! the government doesn’t own your country!!! don’t wait for them..they will not help you! assimilate and DESTROY all Muslim’s

Phillip Loco says:

I totally agree with France. DEPORT this SCUM.

Peter says:

Everywhere Muslims go they always cause trouble.

Tracy Abernathy says:

Ban Burkini, ban the Burka, and ban the hijab those are all symbols of oppression and male domination. These are not Muslim countries fuck sharia law.

Nitere says:

Stupid fucking leftists. Do you even know why burkini is used? They are used in Middle east and they serve as a protection against the sun. Burkini is NOT needed to wear in Europe because the sun is not as strong. So, fuck off. Muslims out.

Steve Mullis says:

They are attention seekers, purposely trying to provoke a backlash so they can claim victim status and by this means, generate sympathy and thus advance their agenda.

Amore@Fluers says:

I do not see Saudi Arabia take in white European or white American immigrants, why does the discussion have to be about how tolerant white ppl have to be, when middle eastern ppl don’t take in refugees themselves. talk about double standards

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