Burkini ban imposed in several French cities

Zainab Salbi, author and Women in the World Media Editor-at-Large, discusses the ban on burkinis in France with CNN’s Becky Anderson.


Rafsan Fatboy says:

Meanwhile in Iran and Saudi Arabia….

Angela Billingsley says:

It has been a short period from a series of MUSLIM terrorist attacks so the muslims should SHUT THEIR MOUTH about all issues.

Joe Bauers says:

:50 sec in, she makes a threat. “if you ban the burkini we will kill you”

juan luis huerta vivar says:

women’s rights? fucking liberals they’re are raping France with their bullshit.

Charley Pons says:

Usa give lesson to France let me laugh, the country of death penalty jail outside his border, free drugs free prostitution free arms give lesson to the old France, hahaha. Cnn is a government association, the question for an empire isn’t how many ally he have, but how many ennemies he will have at the end!



Josh H says:

when will western news start to criticise Muslim countries instead of listening to stupid women like this? oh that’s right, they’ll be called racist. fuck the burka and the burqini.

eric brown says:

This is news meanwhile ISIS and AL-queda have infiltrated Europe waiting for orders.

Brian Uribe says:

Doesn’t even understand her own religion lol, hand her over to ISIS or the Taliban, and see if they’ll think she’s “just as much a Muslim” haha

TheTitaniumsyfy says:

I didn’t see those English feminists protested when 10 children lost their life on “Promenade des Anglais” remember the Bastille Day nite, a radical cloth is more important than 284 dead in France ? We got 10 000 refugees in Calais waiting for UK, why don’t they take them since their Brexit ? No they prefer to give lessons, sorry we don’t have the same history with religions in France. What a shame to send her wife onto the beach thru the heat and how stupid it is to swim whole dress up. The king of Morocco don’t want birkini also as Tunisia in some places as pool parks and hotels.

Psygnostic says:

I love the reasoning behind this law, it’s offensive. It’s about time muslims got a taste of their own medicine.

I N F I D È L E F I E R كافر says:


Roger Reyne says:

Sick of these Islamic pigs, it is good that Russia is not Accepted refugees

RealMadrid13UCLS says:

Fuck Islam.

K Posh xoxo says:

it looks hot as hell.

Rabi Ben Lavi says:

The point is, you’ve killed enough innocent people in France over your primitive nonsense, now GTFO or the next laws will ban your stupid Quran. If that doesn’t send the message to your monkey brains, how about a required lobotomy.

kellerr13 says:

If CNN is for it, then I am against it.

David Chaney says:

Islam is a bad religion so if any muslims are fundamentalist they should be out of the country super fast.

Rick Do says:

Ha….she sounds Muslim….. Oh wait…

Dane Reid says:

As long as they are not covering their face, I don’t see a problem. I only care about security issues in not being able to visually identify everyone in society. If their religion calls for that hot garb on the beach, who cares.

Why NotPeace says:

wheather its Arab or US or France women have no right and r controlled by men

Drunken Mess says:


Joe Bauers says:

bikinis = sexist, burkinis = not sexist according to this gibbering cult member

Debonnaire says:

Momo a bien dit que l’enfer est surtout peuplé de femmes.
Cette femme, qui a coupé ses cheveux et ne porte pas de voile, devrait y aller directement…

fire rain says:

fuck modern slavery

Rabi Ben Lavi says:

Theses morons are like someone who is deranged and burns down his own house, and then wants to come live with you and brings a lighter. Live in the ashes until you learn not to burn down your own house. That abrahamic nonsense ruined the whole Middle East. If Europe had let the church carry out their nonsense and kill all the scientists and people who believed them, Europe would be a backward mess like the Middle East. You ruined your land and your gene pool, yourselves and want to keep ruining it even more and spread your degeneration all over. It’s your own fault for following a stupid ideology that kills all the smartest people to stay in power. Your genes are fucked. You are barely humans.

اسماعيل says:

people of europe and america are cursed

Carolyn Dee says:

They should wear burkini to hide how fugly they are, leave the rest of us alone!!

jonathan riley says:

long live the french!!

Celtic Whisper says:

The utter irony of the women at the beginning is quite amazing!! Women are FORCED under pain of violence to wear ‘modest’ clothing!! In Muslim countries they would be dragged onto a piece of waste ground, buried to their waists and stoned to fucking death!! And she has the audacity to claim that the West is Partiarical. FFS!

bethanie says:

there are so many vile people in these comments. they’re human beings who have just as much right to be here as you do.

Filipe Cunha says:

i dont bite this shit. This is bogus. Total BS. I am 34, i live in Portugal and i’ve never seen a muslim woman go dressed like this to the beach. This is our doing by the hands of alt-right fascists to promote islamophobia. Wich one of you ever saw a woman dressed like this 10 years ago?

Tsungai Murahwi says:

What about all those Islamic countries where you get killed for not showing Islamic values.

Jerry Parker says:

These people just went thru a terrible attack at this same city of course there gonna be sketchy of Muslim people because Isis RUNIED it for them I hate to say it but I’d rather be safe than sorry no harm here was done everyone went on with there day

Sofian says:

You have to understand that in french culture women can’t decide by themselves what to do, there is either a man telling them how to dress or a man telling them how not to dress.

sinhun67 says:

Go back to Saudi arabia you can wear a hijab all day long

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