Burkini Ban Backlash: Wearing full-body swimming costume is political act? (DEBATE)

The controversy over burkinis in France rages on – with Islamic groups now calling for an emergency meeting with the Interior Ministry, after more seaside resorts banned the full-body swimming costume. The French Council of Islamic Faith says some mayors are introducing the ban purely for electoral and political purposes.
Toni Bugle from the English Democrats and Catherine Shakdam from the Shafaqna Institute for Middle Eastern Studies talks to RT on the subject.

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Steven Andrews says:

This Muslim is a cunt

Forever Purple N Gold says:

Toni is just talking over Catherine throughout the debate

danniella myers says:


Adammax maxon says:

Lol women in the west a similar like women in saudi arabia they been control by men….

seahunter75 says:

Talk about hypocritical. HER OWN religion FORCES her to dress a certain way..

antonio paino says:

there is no god or that ever has been god who has order that women should cover up themself , stop to be manipulated by evil and ingorant men, all religions its all bullshit when you wake up

Michael Collier says:


Maureen Onumonu says:

Why are this people always aggressive and full of hate. U have given them too much freedom.

roflastc says:

lol wut, humanism, secularity and demanding that a “religion” cannot put demands on dress/body and sex is “indoctrination?

Adam Marshall says:

Take your clothes off or don’t go to the beach. Only a dipshit wears a black full body covering in such a hot environment. Common ****ing sense

bangfarang says:

Every Muslim argument about what Muslims should be allowed in the West means that Muslims AS Muslims, AS representatives of Islam, AS devotees of the pointlessly barbaric Muhammad should be free to replace the West’s ways, means, and norms with those of a civilization that HAS never worked and WILL never work because it CANNOT work.
There is no point to pushing/adopting Muslim ways without intending to push/adopt Islam, and Islam hasn’t a single redeeming feature. No? Then Muslims are invited to name one. But they never do, evidently because they’re unable to.

Paul Manning says:

Unfortunately I was forced to close down my camping shop the other day, due to turn downs in the business area I was in. I wondered what I should do with my vast stock of tents that weren’t sold and were left in my stock room. The day before closing the shop I was tidying up and getting ready to throw out some gear that was no longer viable to sell. So, on going outside to the trash bins to dispose of the unwanted stock, which was down the alley by my shop, a Muslim woman approached me and asked “I notice you are closing down, do you have any tents that you may be letting go for cheap, I’m looking for 30 or so tents for my family and friends?” I smiled at her and thought that I just might have some. So, I invited her in through the back door to where the stockroom was, I then said to here “Take a look around and see if anything here interests you”. She thanked me and began to rummage around lifting boxes here and there to get a better look.

After a while I asked her what particular size tents she was looking for, her reply: “I was looking for the 8 man type of tent if you have some”, she said, hopefully. I began to thank God there and then, because I had 20 left of the 8 man tent variety, and now I might be able to sell them to this lady, and just in time too and before closing down the shop that very day. We talked a price,she haggled a bit, but at last I managed to get the lady to pay £400 each for the tents, she paid me in cash too, wow! I was so lucky to get all my stock cleared and make a killing too!

As I stacked the last of her tents into 3 piles for her, that was by now 6 feet high, the lady took hold of one of them and began to open it, I presumed so as to check their contents. As I watched She slid out the long tent poles, the guy ropes and ground pegs casting them aside, only retaining the tent itself and then putting it back into its box. She did this with all 20 boxes, which took some considerable time until there was a huge heap of discarded items on the floor, other than the tents themselves of course. Since I had been looking on, while she had been doing all this unpacking and re-packing, I just couldn’t help wondering what the hell she was doing, and why she didn’t want to keep the other stuff, only the tents themselves? but I had made some money so said nothing, after all, a sale is a sale.

Just then the shop door abruptly opened and in rushed a crowd of Dark haired Muslim women with their hands over their heads, looking kinda worried. I called out” “Sorry we are closed”. One of the ladies quickly replied: “Its okay we are all with her, we all went shopping for tents”, she said, pointing to the lady who had just purchased the 20 tents from me. “Oh, That’s fine, come on in”, I replied politely, “She got lucky and has bought 20 of them from me”, I said with a smile on my face. Then All The women began to wander around the shop, opening doors here and there, three of them even went out back into the kitchen where I made my coffee and prepared stuff for lunch, usually out of bounds to my customers. I began to wonder what the hell they were doing, and what the hell they were looking for. So perplexed, I turned to the lady who was just putting her purse away back into her hand bag, after having paid me for the tents. “Sorry” I said, “But what exactly are you and your lady friends looking for?” She glared at me and then replied………. “The changing rooms of course! Or are they called ‘fitting rooms’ here? We need to try them on for size.”

Adam Marshall says:

Phoney grievance mongering

Don Mazi says:

You are talking about democracy bcus you wnt them to surrender to your opinion. Did your fucking Allah belive in democracy. Go and sleep or fuck off to afganistian or where ever you come from why cnt you respect there law.

ellie rain says:

You have an OPINION about OUR CULTURE’s wearing of bikinis? Take your monstrous chauvanistic, SELFISH and DISREPECTFUL behavior, and shove it up your cunty resentful twat. How DARE you?

kenneth mikael monberg skøtt says:

Why is hijab/niqab/burka so fucking importen for those muscum soon to be Lab Rats….?

jihadi joey says:

Dress like a whore and it’s okay but if you dress like Mary the Mother of Jesus then is wrong – Go Figure!

mullah amin says:

These muslim women should discard their hijabs and learn to assimilate into Western societies instead of taking on an Islamic identity. They use the “right to wear what you want” argument to distance themselves from the rest of the people.

Chris Anderson says:

This is christian countries so roles are christian is well
In muslim countries you dont have free rights so you muslimwant freeright in white land?

Clarissa Packer says:

freedom of religion doesn’t give Muslims the right to empose Islam on non Muslims…

Mao Zedong says:

I would love to see Europe like a fucking midle east London allready looks like fucking Pakistan

Sara Verdi says:

toni is once again on the truth.

jihadi joey says:

Just imagined if Mary the Mother of Jesus is alive today in France, she couldn’t even follow her own religion in France : _For if a woman does not cover her head, let her also have her hair cut off; but if it is disgraceful for a woman to have her hair cut off or her head shaved, let her cover her head_- Corinthians 11:6. Just think, Mary the Mother of Jesus couldn’t even follow the Bible in France today. So much for Deus Vult.

Don Computerguy says:

The word that ALL Muslims simply do not get…. NO !
We said NO !… They still have no clue..

Ayikar nrocirpac says:

can’t we just all get along, it’s literally not that bad. let’s just chill a little bit people cuz it ain’t that deep. we are all humans, let’s just do what we desire without any government interfering

Sucha Singh says:

To be extremely Honest it’s pretty very well clear that every Comment that Toni made were very fair and understandable, it just shows that Paki Bitch that calls herself by so calling herself Catherine is so narrow minded and on mindset,was either damn ignorant or just too Dumb with double understanding
Tell these Backwards bastards to get the fuck out of this or any other western countries and piss off to a lot of other Paki countries that have a lot of room to accommodate them

And I kid u not let’s all see if they have this freedom of speech
Simply bcuz if she spoke like that in their home countries the Bitch will be stoned to shit !!!!!

ellie rain says:

They all miss the point: Wearing the burkini is a whorish display of modesty. It says: I am more virtuous, less of a slut, than your Western women. WHY are women, who do not NEED to be judged by MALE sexual concerns and constraints, who have 3000 years of patriarchy to undo, MAKING A SHOW of their comparative worth, as women? Why are you projecting a judgment WE don’t need? (i.e., We care for our infants, we are evolutionarily choosy, we don’t need your sexual concerns/pride in our face all the time. We have better things to do than think about men’s erections. Get out.

Like these women are saying: I don’t mind if Muslim men look at these other sluts like pieces of meat. It’s exactly like showing off your chastity. In the FACE of your HOST country. It’s just RUDE, and unfortunately we can only deal with these women through the only ways we’ve had to deal with it – in legal, political, religious, PATRIARCHAL systems – instead of the strict social constraints that ANY culture would expect from an assimilating culture, constraints we could normally expect. Except these guys decided they have enough power to ignore all social niceties. Are they not planning to integrate? What immigrant doesn’t have a hard time acculturating? We ALL do. Deal with it. Women knows deep down what this is about – stop demanding “rights” that make the people trying to WELCOME you uncomfortable! Are you kidding? Do we not see how ungrateful, ungracious, IMMODEST this is? If we can’t protect our women and children (Say, Western women – including new Muslim immigrants – and children in swimming pools.) from even a FEW new trends in rape. . .Then what is the point of having adversarial politics at all? Why do we need men to war against each other (in ANY two-sided male system – nations, races, parties, religions, ethnic “teams”) if both sides are going to be an existential threat – to our own BODIES? Remember your responsibility. As the guys say: We’ll rape our own women, thank you. You have no right to bring even the SLIGHTEST new threat to women.

That feminist in the video is a disgusting Muslim apologist. It’s sexist to tell women how to behave? Are you kidding me? Not if YOU are not behaving as a WOMAN, with ANY decency or consideration of other people! How dare you make OTHER WOMEN feel insecure? About rape, of all things? About their own RESPECT? Who do you think you are to defend the kind of behavior that then encourages your men to say things like: Ha! I refuse to shake hands with women, I don’t HAVE to follow YOUR culture, MY god comes first, go rub your tits elsewhere! [Real conversation with man I tried to explain the meaning if the gesture to – how shaking hands shows people you meet that you mean no harm and have no weapons]

The LOST BOY says:

The Muslim lady is so angry and abusive and the blonde lady is so cool calm and collective lol, but I think the blond lady was a little too soft on her, she should have asked the Muslim lady does the fact that Mohammed raped a child offend her as much as the Burkina ban??

Christopher Poulton says:

Make sure when the muslims are drowning you foot is firmly on there heads when they come up for air

Michael Collier says:

Do what you want, just don’t cover your face. If you don’t like whatever countries laws, live somewhere else.

Z. Fatima says:

The Quran never even mentions the word “burqa” or hijab or niqab. The word used is “Khimaar” which translates to a veil that covers the hair and the prominent body parts of a woman. And this can be done with a shawl or cardigan too. The burqa is a cultural, medieval, Arab tradition that continues to live because of the sick Wahabbi ideology. It’s simple as that. Why do people have to bash Islam and the Quran, when in fact the Quran is very clear on the subject already? Y’all are just stupid and bigots yourself enslaved by the media and Saudi cult.

Jai Stevens says:

i dread to think what Europe will look like in 50 years

Maureen Onumonu says:

Why don’t u go back to ur country where u can practice full Islam if u feel it is better in that country

jontibloom says:

Now I’ve discovered the English Linda Sarsour

anilkumar4017 says:

muslim snakes want to use freedom to destroy freedom and bring in their rascal ism don’t fall in the trap ban veil and burkini and if possible ban islam itself …. cunning wolfs

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