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monaxggx says:

i swear its the first time i hear the word burkini and i find that really funny HAHAHA!

mssummerrose1 says:

our (western) sexualized advertisment and shoving promiscuity down our throats is definitely too much and disgusting… I think you have to differenciate between the government and the people… governments together with some elite power groups try to corrupt european people with this and the not solving of the drug problem together with not assisting poor families in bringing up and educating their children and yes, the promotion of alcohol and also the bashing of ANY kind of belief, because they want a weak population who will not rise up against their abuses…
on the other hand we western women do stand for the freedom of the woman to define herself… we had to endure TWO world wars on our own, no men around, and we HAD TO take the lead in our own and our chilren’s lives… we take our own decisions as to how to dress and which morals to live up to… hope I could get my point across – lve


Your points are spot on!

ellie rain says:

True, it’s not about banning the outfit itself. It’s a legal (and therefore nonsensical) attempt to enforce humility toward the host culture’s women, ironically. Because even if it makes no difference between women, it trains men to distinguish women as “modest” or “immodest” according to religious interpretation of a MALE religion. It’s not that it should be banned. It’s that it is incomprehensible that we would insult the host country that welcomes us by showing off our modesty compared to them – on the beach. It makes our hosts uncomfortable to have a woman “practicing her religion” on the beach as a matter of displaying how much more “moral” she is than other women. It is women now sexualizing other women, and giving implicit encouragement to their men, to judge a regular bathing suit as slutty.

If it’s really about modesty, and being courteous and respectful of hospitality means anything, why not just wear a sarong?

JDD999 says:

I am not a Muslim and I have NEVER found any Muslim garb offensive. People have a right to dress as they choose.

Yana H. says:

Western society is free. When you are out in public anyone can take a picture of you, celebrity or not. Not all Muslims, but many Muslims have a problem with freedom. They want special compensations in public places, including pools, restaurants, etc. Islam is a supremacist ideology. Muslims… many Muslims look down on women who don’t cover up. They look down on non-believers. You can’t deny it. It’s a problem. Maybe not to you but to non-muslims it’s a problem. If the Muslim men didn’t throw a fit about the pictures being taken then there probably wouldn’t have been a problem and the ban likely wouldn’t have come about. You can minimize wearing a berkini like its nothing but the ideology behind it is extremely outdated and right wing. Of course women have every right to dress modesty, but you don’t have a right to get bent out of shape when you don religious garb from another century & hemisphere of the world & then complain when people stare at you. And you don’t have the right to expect others to cover up, because that’s going on too. As the Muslim population grows, and let’s face it Muslims are having more babies than non-Muslims which means eventually as more Muslims enter government, vote & run businesses etc, further Islamization will occur. Great for you. Not great for Non- Muslims. Non-Muslims, especially young women don’t seem to understand that in 20-30 years in cities like Paris and London and in countries like Sweden, if things continue like they are these young women (& their future daughters) will either be forced to change their lives to accommodate Islam, they may even have to cover up themselves AND/OR there will be war and their brothers, husbands & sons will be fighting.

Keysha Miralda says:

I’m christian and of course I don’t find burkinis offensive. I used to wear long skirts to my ankles for the majority of my life and would often wear them to the beach over leggings to get in the water and I would also get weird stares. I completely agree with the whole “it’s people trying to control what women wear” statement. Whether a women wears too much or too little, it’s always a problem for somebody out there.

michele mubarak says:

I LOVE this video. I have never heard anything more perfectly put! Thank you.

Silvano Pansano says:

Go Dina!!

meg lynch says:

You’re amazing, you’re so right in everything you say!

People are becoming obsessed with what muslims do, just because they are muslims. When In fact people are people, and the way a Muslim reacts is exactly the same way as they themselves would react to any situation.

I am in awe of every woman that wears what ever the fuck she wants, nobody has the authority to tell what you can and can’t wear. And the best way to get away from people being able to dictate these things is to stand up for what is right!

Again…you’re amazing

cultofpersonalit1888 says:

The niqab or burqa are supposed to hide the shapes of women
and now you want to wear an outfit that once wet
mold to perfection the body of the woman….


Muslim logic….

Kirstyn Leigh says:

Dina I love you and your channel and I agree with you and I onestly think that it is disgusting that people have banned the Burkini they are stopping people from covering themselves which isn’t fair !! I’m non Muslim but I still agree with you

Yasmine M says:

I know this video is a year old but for some reason I just thought about it.
First of all I wanna say I’m not religious, at all. BUT I respect everyone’s belief, if you wanna pray next to me, or do ramadan, or cover yourself then do your thing I don’t mind but religion is just not for me. I think everyone should respect and accept everyone regardless of religion, skin colour and what not.
I don’t get this ban about burkini or even scarves in some places. I just don’t. Like really, wtf ?
I don’t get why a woman covering herself to go to the beach is a sign of extremism or of anything for that matter. Not every woman wants to show her boobs and ass hanging out of a swimsuit, at least I know I don’t.
That is so ridiculous. How is burkini different from a surfing suit ? I don’t get why this is offensive in any way. I really don’t. I don’t get why how a person dresses affects your life. Why does it bother people so much ?
What scares me if that people are so close minded about the variety in the world. Why should everyone look like the next person ? Difference is so interersting and beautiful.
People are just afraid of what’s different and really this is sad.
I find this very oppressive and absolutely not ok.

Carina says:

Non-muslim here, and i totally agree with everything youre saying. However, when you mentioned that the governments all over Europe are afraid of their muslim population teaching their kids islam, it made me sad. I really hope and believe thats not the case, but i do get where youre coming from. Youre amazing Dina and nope, the burkini – or people not wanting to show their body to the world in general – is NOT offensive

Sihemxxkkx32 JadeAquamarineLavender says:

Have you heard about the rape of a woman on the Beach by a group of men infront of her boyfriend?

Shayna Brinkerhoff says:

I am not Muslim, but this last time I was shopping for a swimsuit, I seriously considered a burkini because I am concerned about skin cancer and people ogling me. I ended up not liking any of the styles, so I improvised my own. I wear something similar to what you describe wearing: long sleeve bike shirt, capri length bike leggings and a pretty swim dress to top it off. I also wear a big hat that covers my hair and shades my face when swimming. I get strange looks some times, but I have never been approached about it. I think it is ridiculous that people think covering up is not appropriate for swimming, or any situation really.

Practical Islam says:

Lmao this was funny, but lots of truth in this video.
They just want to rebel against Gods Law & make sure people are far far away from establishing a connection with there creator.

They’ve used 9/11(which was fake) to invade muslim countries to kill and murder innocent children & families.

Hellfire is enough for them.

Harry S says:

Lmfaaaaaaoooooooooo it’s all a joke I swear down, completely agree with you on everything Dina the Pope and nun wear the same clothing and it’s fine but when Muslims wear them it’s a crime so just chill out dude we’ll choose a different beach to chill out with our family and kids. Bless and enough love and respect to you and Sid great job keep up the good work

marwa cherkaoui says:

I travelled abroad with my hijab and I hated being stared at, I also afraid bc of islamophobes. It must so hard for muslims to live abroad …

Irene OneNonly says:

I’m not Muslim, I’m a Hebrew Israelite and I dress like a Muslim. The clothes and the head covering an I wear a burkini and I’m not going to stop doing what I like and love. So Fuck you all that don’t like it. Hahahaha

Amy Woods says:

I was so irritated. I’m not muslim, but I tell you what, I’m sick to death of people telling women what to wear and what not to wear. If I want to get my tits out, I’m going to get my tits out. If I want to cover up, I’m going to cover up. Why should muslim women be an exception to that? They should be able to wear whatever the hell they want.

Nazma Ali says:

I’m a 12 year old girl who wears a headscarf and I don’t feel comfortable to wear it but I do; I feel everyone is staring at me as a terrisrist.

mariyam rossaye says:

can you subscribe to this yaasir and samia plz we have and were Muslims and we appreciate you

Sihemxxkkx32 JadeAquamarineLavender says:

Thing is I am a Muslim and I am allergic to the sun. lol

Sonmi Hae-Joo says:

Great video, I came here from Riley J Dennis’s video on the subject, she recommended yours and I’m glad she did ^^
I’m French and I’d like to reassure you on the fact that most French people simply laughed at how ridiculous it was and ridiculed Cannes and Nice for voting for such ignorant mayors ^^
The only French people who took this seriously were people already voting for the extreme right (and it probably made them feel that they were right which sucks)
Islamophobia is usually much more pernicious in France, such as you can’t wear the hijab at work if you work for a public administration because it displays your beliefs (but wearing a christian cross will never be an issue) or people thinking that a woman wearing the hijab is obviously uneducated, has ten kids and has to obey to her husband unconditionnally and treating her as a dumb person or would not even adress her, just speak to her husband.
As you said the issue relies with the fact that men are the mayors, deputes, etc who make the rules, because even though there are islamophobic women in France as well, they wouldn’t behave that stupidly and dictate what women must wear.

Kaylee Johnson says:

I’m non Muslim and I think its fine and I even wear something like you said you wear that covers the majority of my body


Women should not go to swimming pools and bathhouses


and preserves her modesty, conceals her and keeps her away from places of fitnah (temptation). 

Islam enjoins women to stay at home and not go out unnecessarily, so as to preserve their chastity, maintain their dignity and protect them from all evil. 

Muslim women going out to public centres and swimming pools is something that is emphatically forbidden, because it involves a number of evils and negative consequences. 

If these swimming pools are in public centres that are frequented by men and women, this is a great evil. Abu Dawood (4010) and at-Tirmidhi (2803), who classed the report as hasan, narrated from Abu Maleeh al-Hudhali that some women from Syria entered upon ‘Aa’ishah and she said: Perhaps you are the people whose women enter bathhouses? They said: Yes. She said: I heard the Messenger of Allaah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) say: “There is no woman who removes her clothes anywhere other than her house, but she has torn (the screen) that is between her and Allaah.” 

Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh at-Tirmidhi. 

At-Tirmidhi (2801) also narrated from Jaabir (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should not let his wife enter bathhouses.” Classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh at-Tirmidhi. 

What is meant by bathhouses here is the kind of bathhouses that existed in the past (hamaam or “Turkish bath”), because houses did not have bathrooms at that time. 

The reason why women were forbidden to enter them is because of what happens in them of uncovering the ‘awrah, looking at that which is haraam and exposure to fitnah (temptation), although bathhouses at that time were not mixed. 

So what about bathhouses that are mixed and public swimming pools in which ‘awrahs are uncovered and exposed? The scholars of the Standing Committee for Issuing Fatwas said: 

For men and women to swim together and then shake hands with one another after swimming is a great evil and it is not permissible to do it. The one who does that should be denounced and the ruler should prevent them from doing it.

End quote from Fataawa al-Lajnah ad-Daa’imah, 17/49 

If these swimming pools are only for women it is not permissible to go to them either, even if that is less serious than public baths. That is because women uncover their ‘awrahs, and even if the Muslim woman covers her body she will see those naked women and she will not be able to tell them not to do this evil action. 

The scholars of the Standing Committee for Issuing Fatwas were asked: 

I am an engineer working in the holy city; my job is in the building permits department. A citizen has submitted to us a plan for a health centre offering natural remedies, with two sections, one for men and one for women. After studying the drawings and plans it was noted that there is a large swimming pool in the women’s section. The project manager was informed that this swimming pool is not permissible, because swimming requires women to take off their clothes and then put on tight clothes that, even if they do not show her ‘awrah, will show the shape of her body, and as is well known it is not permissible for women to uncover the ‘awrah among other women. So we explained to the project manager that, by way of blocking the means to evil and warding off evil consequences, he should not build this swimming pool because it was highly possible – especially nowadays – that among the workers would be someone who did not fear Allah, even among the women, and might take pictures of the women in secret, whether with a regular camera or a video camera such as is available nowadays. This would cause a great of trouble and would turn this centre from being a centre for healing to a centre of corruption and fitnah. And it is well known that everything that leads to haraam is also haraam. 

We hope that you can clarify the Islamic ruling on such cases. 

They replied: 

It is not permissible to build a swimming pool for women in the centre mentioned, because warding off evil takes precedence over bringing benefits. 

End quote from Fataawa al-Lajnah ad-Daa’imah, 26/342-343 

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him) was asked: 

We live in a residential neighbourhood where there is a women’s centre; at this centre there is a swimming pool for women and a sauna. What is the ruling on women going to this centre? 

He replied: 

My advice to my brothers is not to let their women go to swimming pools and sports clubs because the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) encouraged women to stay at home. Moreover, if a woman becomes accustomed to that she will become very attached to it because she is subject to her emotions, and in that case she will become distracted from her religious or worldly duties and she will always be talking about these activities in gatherings. And if the woman does such things that will be a cause of her losing sense of shame and modesty, and if a woman loses her sense of shame and modesty do not ask about the evil consequences except for the one whom Allah blesses by guiding her and enabling her to regain the modesty that was taken away from her. 

I will close my message by repeating my advice to my believing brothers not to let their daughters, sisters, wives or other female relatives under their guardianship go to these centres or clubs. 

End quote from the shaykh’s fatwas for ad-Da‘wah magazine no. 1765/54 

This is not the only means of losing weight; there are many permissible means of doing so and there are other types of exercise that the Muslim woman can do if she adheres to Islamic guidelines.

Megan Grove says:

Hi Dina, I am not a Muslim and find the whole banning of the Burkini stupid!!!!

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