Activists protest France’s burkini ban

Activists protest France’s burkini ban as French politicians defend it. CNN’s Erin McLaughlin reports.


Doguhan567 says:

Symbol of freedom in France my ass.

blaby4ever says:

This is pathetic, why go to the beach at all

Shaun Vargas says:

I’d like to see a group of Nuns going swimming in The Ocean LOL Nuns are cloistered after all Sisters was the correct term and even still I’m sure if they went to the beach Sisters could take off the habit for a day, seeing how our Sister at my Church never wore one she hated Habits

BOB BOB says:

You will surely be tested in your possessions and in yourselves. And you
will surely hear from those who were given the Scripture before you and
from those who associate others with Allah much abuse. But if you are
patient and fear Allah – indeed, that is of the matters [worthy] of

Amina Huseynli says:

France has no right to talk about feminism, freedom of religion and human rights. If ISIS is criminal because it FORCES women to wear the burqa, then what is France for FORCING women to take the burkini off? And in fact, there are SO MANY Muslim women wearing them because of their OWN choice. IT IS A CRIME! AND FRANCE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THAT! DISGRACE.

12ttttttttt says:

and they say France is the land of
“liberté” and “egalité” – my ass

muh shk says:

I know that ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other similar groups force people to do things many of them against the beliefs of those ordinary people. An example is forcing women to cover up all their bodies. By forcing women to take off some clothes which she wear willingly and does not cover her face (I understand that covering face could be a security matter), French are extremists as well. To be civilized is not by getting naked. It’s by being open-minded and by understanding that there are different cultures in this world which we should respect as far as no harm is caused and/or meant. Personally, and in different but also relevant topic, I don’t believe that Paris Attacks were made only by ISIS. As with 9/11, l believe the government helped in order to get some advantages, unfortunately.

L'Artriste says:

Quel honte!

Ali Kademian says:

funny how france was much more tolerate untill you muslims decided to fuck with france and now for good reasons they are more protective of their own people from the likes of filthy muslims. you reap what u sow. couple years back muslims could have worn burkini but because of your own terroristic actions, now u cant. deal with it

Ahmed abdullah says:

france just wants to keep asking for trouble, its no wonder they keep getting attacked, you just cant mess with a religion that is soon to be 2 billion in the world by 2020, you can maybe screw with the jews, because their number is low, but not islam, france will just keep getting bit in the as*. Its like the government of france has a death wish for his own people.

majo says:

c’mon people! if you go to Dubai and you kiss your husband or boyfriend you’ve got a fined and you can go to prison, even if you both only holding hands!!! but it’s ok coz is in Asia.. but France cannot say burkinis are not allow on the beach because is irrational??

Mr. Tactical says:

Muslims act like victims and complain about being religiously oppressed in western country’s when shit like this happens but when it comes to Christians or Atheists being imprisoned, murdered, tortured, or bullied around in Islamic countries, Muslims can give zero shits about religious freedom. I know its not their fault that these countries have these laws but if i’m willing to defend their religious freedom, then god dammit they should do the same.

Camilla Fleime Møll says:

Moving from one man dominated world to another. You can think what ever you will but EVERYONE, man, woman and child, has the right over their own body!

Adewale says:

Lol and France wonder why they get bombed all the time, they treat their Muslim people like shit. It’s like they want to get bombed

Mohammad Tanvir says:

I really hate France

H Wart says:

Who would’ve thought that in 2016, we’d still be dictating women on what to wear and what not to wear! What a SHAME! Since when are we only “free” when we show our tits? Is that freedom? Really? Are we also going to tell nuns to start showing some skin?This is pure BULLSHIT. Shame shame shame.

Mr Sam Ali says:

Are you being for real. This is disgusting. I think the police is wearing to much clothes, they should strip

yazid2005 says:

Follow the law of france

Anubhav Yadav says:

its fare as France govt do not allow symbol of a religion thus creating outrage using various mean is going to loose peace in the already turmoil ed world.

Omar Haydar says:

wow how disgusting France..

Marcurius de Ruyter says:


Jesse Pinkman says:

muslims and islam taking over west. politicians do nothing. oh no, they are supporting them.

Ken Arok says:

As a woman, and if you travel to those conservative Arabian countries, you can’t even wear short skirt and showing your legs. The local police would approach you, detain you or you might end up behind their bars. I think the French authority has done correctly as we are not Arabian country, and they have to obey the local laws by removing their religious attributes at all, no exception.

If they required us to obey theirs, they have to obey ours on lands regardless their religion rules, and I can imagine how very repressive and depressing living in such country of their origins where bans are almost everywhere, no wonder they leave their countries, but they have to embrace our rules. Once more, we are not a Muslim countries, we embrace the freedom and its revelation to have it. It is our rights.

Mohammad Tanvir says:

Fuck France full of HIV nun Muslims

Mutombo says:

Why is racism always getting thrown around…Islam is a religion/idea not a race!

Mara Ram says:

Yeah its about time muslim women stop being forced by men to fully cover themselves. And its so pathetic that they try to disguise it as a religion thing, when obviously its a men thing based on sexism.

cuatropuntos2000 says:

frekin stupid

Police Asian says:

Francs is shit hole

Katarinathegreatrussian says:

hahahah these cockroaches are protesting cuz they cant look like ghosts on halloween anymore try this shit in russia or my hometown and u will be made the only thing ur good for aka fertilizer

4Friends 123 says:

Why you do this )):

john Tpi says:

And ISLAM is causing trouble again in indonesia NOW…. CANCER!!!!

Pendekar Sambarnyawa says:

So, people, what’s the similarity between French (Europe) and Taliban?
They put pressure on Woman Muslims.
Ganbatte, Woman Muslims!! Let us hear your voices!

Digaale Family says:

Shit france is worse than fucking America

emily carter says:

it is sad seeing all of these racist comments. Freedom of religious beliefs is a part of what America is, you cannot racial profile everyone of that religion as a terrorists!

rh7189 says:

Perhaps all these do gooders should indulge in a tour of Saudi where they can watch lunch time public executions and limb dismembering cos that what real islam is about. Viva La France…. Viva Le Ban}}}}}

Adeft Apex says:

It pisses me off that people are pissed off about the ban, it’s just a law. Just like other laws in other countries. It’s your fault you can’t wear it. Just go to another country stupid bastartds

The Caveman Dolusioch says:

Burkini isn’t an Islamic cloth anyways , Europe always have been corrupted from the beginning of time , reread history hypocritical damned cunts .

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