ZAFUL REVIEW | Bikini Try On & Product Opinion (not sponsored)

Hello all- we back with another video:) This one is a review of the bikinis from a company called Zaful. You know one of those places with all the fb ads with pretty pictures and prices to good to be believable. I go over everything from shipping to sizing to price, so I hope this was helpful! Bikinis linked below. For reference I am 5’7″-140 lbs (all suits, but one, have gone down in price)

1. Size small-color coffee- $12.99(down in price now)

2. Size small-color turquoise- $11.99 (down in price now)

3. Size small-color army green- $12.99

4. Size medium-color black- $15.61 (down in price)

5. Size small- color neon yellow- $11.99 (down in price)



Edward Russo says:

hot body

Max D says:

NOT SPONSORED!!!!!11 heh

Ais Nok says:



God damn holy fudge that booty thick

Maung Moe says:

did any dude sit through the actual review or you all skipped through the next try on like me?

Roddy Brodie says:

wow,you ,look SO wonderful,,,like a fresh peeled fruit,,,,fantastic!

A Titanium says:

I would swim 68 miles up the Amazon with Ellen degenerous fart as my air supply, Then drag my balls through 67 miles of broken glass then submerge my balls and line juice for 3 days while being fed Stephen Hawking extra saliva through a feeding tube just to battle a hungry grizzly bear that once ate a gazelle that was fed by a tourist who shook hands with the guy that walked past this girl on the sidewalk four years ago

oscar medina says:

It’s ok. I don’t mind it if you flash

EL S uno says:

Fine girl

Sanmil Camacho says:

song of the video? someone knows?

Sanozucke says:

why speed up? why?

370z javes says:

I love your ass. Mamasita.

KamiKaZe MMO says:

Mary me <3

Bali Media says:

wow..I wanna get balinese model hahahaha

ezcondition says:

wow, she’s just super cute all the way around. i would definitely enjoy being her bf. cute, great body and taste in cloths.. a winner for sure.

Tino Gisondi says:

She has a babyface but she’s actually looking Very Athletic even with the hoodie and home-gear. She’s a very strong girl & athlete. I thought she was just a kid (babyface). She’s all woman: her bones, frame, beautiful face. very healthy..
So now she’s wearing her bikini. She’s the strongest girl I ever saw. She’s super-human. Best girl in the world
well, best girl/can’t get better

Darren Kennedy says:

Great athletic build

zuhair tamimi says:

nice ass

Federico 9 says:

You are Beautiful like a dream!

el_mågîcø _G says:

perfect body <3 in light blue :*

dre dre says:

hola sexy damm you hot


01:55 04:00 05:57 07:49 10:39 … ur welcome

John Jones says:

Wow, Hello with that sexy BUTT

Seegio Cordero says:

Camel toe

bruno farias de oliveira says:

beauty butt

PUX420 says:

why dont you have bigger milkers?

Hephaestus says:

The camera is positioned in a perfect angle, it is like I am on my knees…
If I was there, I would be on my knees
Why ? She is a Goddess…

dre dre says:

I see you don’t like showing your sexy ass

martin lote says:

you look great in all of them, you are a stunning girl.

kgkustomz97ser says:

front and back exact same shape…. $100 says its made in china… hence why it cost next to nothing

stromghoule says:


Surprise Han Solo Dies The End says:

More like BAEFUL am I right?

Jonathan Melo says:


Nomopoly 2 says:

IMO you don’t need to worry about flashing :-). That green bikini at 5:55 wasn’t too revealing, and in any case you have a good butt, it deserves some exposure.

dre dre says:

nice ass sexy

Richard Portelli says:

You are very cute!

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