ZAFUL BIKINI HAUL | Zaful Swimwear Review

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Swimsuit 1:

Swimsuit 2:

Swimsuit 3:

Swimsuit 4:

Swimsuit 5:

Swimsuit 6:

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Joe Alvarez says:

You’re hot.

Shafc05 shafeek says:

I think it’s new design. I didn’t before. It’s really good

Kenneth Huang says:

I actually think you look really good in the snakeskin one! But yeah I can see how you’d be worried about popping out of the top. Maybe just use it as a tanning bikini, since you wouldn’t be moving around much anyway?

tatiana1190 says:

Honestly I find these videos super helpful as someone who buys swimsuits from sites like zaful a few times a year in bulk and I swear the creepy comments from men always ruin it for everyone.

Ellis Nicholson says:

Just know u look good in all

KenYiHimurA says:

show all body, (head)

YoutubSUCKZ says:

hmm you are very strong nice

Stacking Stacks says:

Great video!! Why the inverted colors though?

Nate _89 says:


las vegas says:

you are as perfect as ever…please more haul videos

mark zimmerman says:

Honestly, what is the difference between “cheeky” bottoms and thongs? Maybe a few square centimeters of fabric? Why would thongs be inappropriate if cheeky was o.k.?

Franz Ferdinand says:

You have beautiful skin. Stop hiding it with the filters please.

Ashley Lenora says:

The cheetah one looked so good!

iwin me says:

Great video! I love the yellow bikini! I wore one just like it for a challenge at I got verified! lol

Emre Tepe says:

Zaful Discount LİNK
extra %16 off code ZFLUV

Manuelgsx says:

This is by far the best and the funniest bikini haul EVER !!!!

LackadaisicalE says:

World class green eyes <3

Rob'sYouTube Random vids says:

Baby blue was my fave Chloe!

maclovio maximo Decimo Meridio says:

Omg you are so beautiful honey

lilyz 328 says:

how long did it take to ship???

Lauren T says:

Please check out our Etsy! We sell crochet bikinis! Much love!

Mustafa Noori says:

What are all these spots on yr legs ????!!!!!

John L. Bradley says:

Nice bikinis and she is very beautiful looking!

lilou feder says:

What size did you order for the bikinis?

El cumpa Oaxa says:

I wish to live inside you for all eternity

Ayman Billah says:

Subscribed great vid keep it going☝

krystal kwasniak says:

Try lvft brand !!!!

polsok44 says:

I fapped

Michael Brannen says:

All I can say is damn girl

SonOfTexas 1836 says:

Damn I want to wife you!

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