Talever Bikini Try On Haul & Review

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Michael Sylvester says:

Oh very gorgeous!

Philosopher King says:

I love your hair. I love the color and the length. It’s so sexy. Your face is so pretty. Your makeup is so well done. Your lips are so sexy. Your lipstick is so nice. Your eyes are so pretty. Your body is perfect. It’s hard to pick a favorite when you so amazing in all of them. If I had to pick. I would pick the red one piece. It’s classic and just irresistible. Your tits look so great in it. Your stomach is so nice and flat. Your hips are so nice. Your thighs are so nice. Your legs are so sexy. I love your ass being out like that. I can’t lie. Your ass is perfect one of the best asses I have ever seen. I don’t think it is possible to have a better ass than you. It is so round and firm. It is perfect in every way. Your ass is life changing.My second favorite is the blue one it is very nice. You are a 10. You are a perfect woman. You are a Goddess.

kenmarnevrich israel says:

Always fun and flirty. Luv it always sweetie

Mark Colyar says:

too bad you have a tool shed for a boyfriend…

Hugo Bohórquez says:

Cutest butt

S. K. says:

nice video, like always
can you do a hunkemöller try in / haul?

gregjarnigan1 says:

No one likes a cock-tease, Dear.

Autobot Robots says:

Bob’s and vegana pls

Sifath Abdullah says:

You r so hot and sexy….
I like to sex with you

D S says:

Have you ever thought about teaching other women to actually exercise as much as you do for a living? There are so many of them around here that are in the 250 lb range that seem to never exercise.

google good says:

Fap Fap Fap

Giovanni Giovanni says:

top model, see ya from italy

David says:

How tall is Christina?

Christina Khalil says:

Hope you guys enjoyed this video! If you would like to help support my channel and see sexier content check out http://www.patreon.com/christinakhalil

Esteban Zavala Jr says:

Your very beautifull can u do a G string try on please

Joe Jiang says:

Get a fuck baby

Jacen Starheart says:

Hello Robert Guajardo wins again he will end up scaring all the men away with his Repeated over used Speeches, if there is one person I absolutely hate on YouTube it is him, always has to be number 1 why???

snoopy 2000 says:

Awesome. Great review. You make it all sexy. Fantastic body. Thank you.

Jacen Starheart says:

I might well just kill myself and be over with it Damn You Robert!!!

Miles Matheson says:

I don’t know why, but I have the feeling that today is going to be a really great day.

Louis Diaz says:

Beautiful. Wish you’re videos didn’t crop you at the knees.

Roland Lenard says:

Your very very nice Christina, Just LUV U!!!

Sam McCann says:

Nice ass but I hate cam whores.

PrisonEarth says:

Christina, you are so perfect.

Dee Luther says:

Very nice Great Lovely Haul Video As AlwayS
Everything Look Amazing on u
ThaT ThumbNail ThO

nobodysfool999 says:

As usual, Christina, you looked breathtakingly beautiful every single second. I’m in love with your gorgeous face, your perfect body, your sparkling smile, the world’s most beautiful legs, and your incredible sideboob, underboob, overboob, and topless boob of my imagination. However, I paused at 4:11 because you have the most gorgeous ass in human history. Thank you!

Promotoras Edecanes says:


Roman says:

That booty its not the same, now its more skinny

gazoontight says:


Gary Smith says:

Hot Jew. No wonder you people are 2% of the population and control all media and everything else including youtube. “Go to my Patreon”. LOL Nice.

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