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Anna Sofie Eriksen says:

Does anyone know if there’s cups in the halter leaf/tie dye bikini and if there is are they removable??

Brooke Gainer says:

what is your workout routine??

Candace Molero says:

Bruh. I started a every day ab routin like a year ago n at the beginning of it I was so happy with my body but now I’m starting to lose my shape. But seeing ur abs motivates me and lowers my confidence so I’ll work harder

Cathering Meh says:


wombat fondler says:

you should lift weights

Vivian Vang says:

You live in minnesota??

marc cheynne says:

i am going to say one thing . not only are you beautiful but you can communicate.

Tori Treadway says:

Did she say what size she ordered them in?

Nayelie Torres says:

How are you so confident?? I have no self worth and im 20 years old ;-; omg

Maggie McFaraland says:


HCtube says:

Flat cheste

2much 4you says:

I subscribed cuz your sooo cute!

KayCee Fry says:

Dat ass, gurrrrlll!!!! Wow you look great! Way to rock what you got 🙂

Eva Gabs says:

I know that these comments are annoying but I’d love it if anyone checked my videos out. I posted my first few videos a few days ago and I really would love it if anyone checked it out. I know it’s not perfect but I needed to start somewhere. Thank you so much!

Sophie Elbers says:

can you do a going to the gym video so wee can see how your body gets so POPPIN

daniel carlyle says:

6:42 pause it

MMarc says:

fuck eat girl eAt

Kamand Shafieha says:

omg she’s pretty af

palpableorgans says:

Love that firm belly!

Armpit Lover says:

Hi Rose, i love your hot and sexy body and your shaved armpits 2:08

Nayoon Kim says:

you’re so freaking pretty i envy you❤️

Kelly & Effie says:

3:30 her bottom fits sooooo perfectly!!

Daniella Xo says:

You should do an everyday hair tutorial, I love how thick it looks!

beautyaddict 14 says:

you’re stomach is so fit

Salena Rose says:

oh my gosh your sooooo skinny I’m not sure that’s healthy

VotveReine says:

Her body though omg, Her torso is small though… lol

Ashlyn Bola says:

Excuse me I looked up dresshead swimsuit reviews and this popped up so I think this is false advertising

Anne-Mari Visnapuu says:

What size did you get the palm print one-piece (6:32) ? 🙂

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