Summer Bikini Try On Haul / Zaful Review

Hey Everyone! Here is a HUGE Summer Bikini Haul! Zaful is celebrating their 3rd anniversary. To thank their guests for their support, Zaful has launched a series of promotions from June 8th to June 21st. Participate Here! ZAFUL 3RD ANNIVERSARY PROMOTION ACCESS:
Zaful Website:
Halter Neck Cutout One-Piece Bandage Swimsuit:
Plunging Neck High Cut Printed One Piece Swimwear:
Halter Lace Splicing Cut Out Bikini Set:
Zippered Tropical Bikini Set:
High Waisted Ruffles Bikini:
Backless High Cut Swimwear:
Flounce Ruffles Off The Shoulder Cutout Bikini Set:
High Cut Cutout One-Piece Swimwear:
Lacing One Piece Swimsuit:
Halter Crosscriss High Waisted Cut Out Bikini Set:
Strappy Cut Out Print One-Piece Swimwear:
Floral Panel String Bikini Set:
Lace Up Cami Bikini:
Lacing Asymmetric Swimsuit:
Mesh Halter Bikini and High Waist Bottoms:
High Waisted Stripe Insert Bikini Set:

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you guys are the best. i love you. that is all. and If you’re actually reading this…comment below with a WHAAZZAAAA?!?! lol xD

FTC: This is not a sponsored video.


Easter bunny says:


Ellen says:


yannick willems says:

ok it seems to me im on the right channel

Ray Ali says:

Great video

Marcela Pg says:

I don’t really like glossy lipsticks but on you, they look flawless!!

Alice Wilkins says:

Oh my goodness your figure is stunning wow. Congrats, don’t be shy, love your videos

Angel El diablo says:

It’s the first video I watched from your channel and I wish I could subscribe to you because you’re gorgeous I can’t say much about your personality because I know for a fact that Zaful isn’t the best place to go for clothes. Also their customer service is pretty weak. I’m not sure if you’re lying or whatever. I’m just gonna keep watching more of you so I can subscribe

MacKenna Patricia Hehir says:

u JACKED af girl , go you!!

andrew cohen says:

U should have short hair

Molly Anderson says:

You look gorgeous in all of them! And your belly button is cute af. ♥️♥️

negima112 says:

Your outie was cute, don’t feel awkward about it.

Rachel padgett says:

Why didn’t she try them all on?!

Cabedia Robinson says:


Diggity Dank says:

so many granny panties swim suits

Jessica french says:

We are about the same size. What size did you get in the 2nd bikini high waisted?

Sophie vK says:

You should try using cold pressed (pure black jamaican) castor oil for your hair! Really make sure it’s cold pressed!!(than all the good stuff is still in there). You’ll have to apply it several hours before taking a shower and massage it in. After you’ve waited you can just wash it out with shampoo. It’s actually soem sort of hairmask! It wil make your hair fuller and stronger and it will motivate the hair growth. Highly recommend it!

Chiara Marzo says:

But How tall are you?

valory justice says:

first time watching one of your videos and i loved it!! subscribed!

Mark Beamer says:

The black one is for you

Adelaide Nunes says:

Great video
I wish you’d said the size and how much you payed for each bikini

NalaLana123 says:

Idk why she said her hair was weird. I thought it looked good

Savannah Garcia says:

Where can I find the boob trick/silicone insert video at???

Véronic Doré says:

what size were the bikinis?

Hoi Hoi says:

that deep red color looks so damn pretty on you!!

Alexander Lewandovski says:

you have big booty

Molly Anderson says:

Actually love your hair in this video!♥️

ally cosetta says:

i have an outie too & used to NEVER wear bikinis cause i was so self conscious about it. you look good tho af

Noa Bakker says:

How to grow your hair: do just nothing… hahaha

valerie purser says:

Every single one was super cute! I literally have 1 bathing suit! Probably bc my body doesn’t look like that! Get it girl!

Sydnee Claire says:

omg this was the first video I’ve ever seen of you and I love your vibe! You’re so pretty too, I’m def subscribing (:

Jj How says:

You have awesome legs can you do a video on your leg routine? I would kill for legs like yours !

Alan Niebergall says:

Every girl likes butt sexy

villasenorevl says:

i`m in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zzz Z says:

Obviously your doing something right ,,half million subs ? You definitely don’t work…but you make a good living on you tube…..I don’t see what all the hubbub is about,your cute but…………..

Marlboro Blacks100 says:

wow your beautiful

retrobanana6 says:

I want that white strapping one piece

Red Rock says:

Very nice hot body

mrs fifty says:

When she said she was insecure about her belly button i imagined a terrible outtie but her belly button is legit the most normal thing i’ve ever seen haha you’re gorgeous and your body is amazing

Jdly0522 says:

Your body is goals!! It’s awesome to see a makeup guru that works out too!

F11 Gaming says:

are u interested to have sex with me i can pay for u

Alan Niebergall says:

Your hair is fine

Macnavor says:

“Curviness” The most important thing for use guys, more than the size of “anything” whether is breasts hips or even ass, we prefer that a girl is curved in every angle even if its more to the side than to the front! Shape over size ALWAYS!!!!! Rememeber that ladies eat healthy and pray for curves forget about size your small medium, big or large size is perfect just love your CURVES!!!!!!!

Jelisa Medina says:

GIRL YOUR BELLY BUTTON IS PERFECT!! I have an inny/outy and yours does not stick out whatsoever! I wish I had yours! Anyway, cute suits! I hope you embrace your body more!

Maya Solomon says:

She is so fit her legs have nice muscles like a soccer player

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