Physique Update | Zaful Bikini Review & Grocery Haul

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You need to order these as one size which is a downside, normally I’d order a small top and medium bottom. The tops ran a bit large and bottoms a big small. I got a size medium in everything HIGHLY RECOMMEND! True to size, fit well HIGHLY RECOMMEND! True to size, fit well highly recommend, same fit as the olive green without the side straps. – love this one! wish the triangles disconnected in the front – love this one as well, fits well!

Not featured in edit: – don’t recommend the top, it’s too separated between the boobs – love this one, has padding which is great and a low back – love the top, medium bottoms too small


Sarah Marshall says:

I can honestly say that you are beautiful inside and out. I have found inspiration in your videos and it has reawakened my desire to hit the gym and eat more healthfully. Thank you for all the hard work you put into your channel. Keep it up and keep growing your empire! 🙂

gymnassfan says:

Have mercy, that’s a top body!

Master Roshi says:

You got to be a queer cunt to dislike this clip

MrsVeronicat says:

Thumbs up if you think Amanda is a doll!
Damn those curves!

Mistergamer22 says:

Whats the song at the begining??

Morgan Campbell says:

Why didn’t that work out have anything to do with burning fat, building muscle or the other thing you said? Just curious!

Antonio Hernandez says:



You remind me of my ex smh lol

Master Roshi says:

Bend over so I can tongue punch your shit box

_mgrace says:

i swear i carry two different “water bottles” w me all the time. Big jug for my regular water only water. And the other I use for supplements like aminos, mixing pre workout, ect. lol glad im not alone. #baglady #bottlelady #foreverCarryingSomething

Alejandra Perez says:


marvat potros says:

what song is playing in the intro? love it!

gantilal Uchiha says:

what song is it on the intro ?

Green Machine says:

Easily one of top 10 most gorgeous women in the known galaxy.

Latasha Cole says:

I think a good name for your new series would be “watch me do me”. Since it’s self improvement you are doing strictly for you.

hipretty says:

I don’t think your brows are too close together at all. Closer together (as if you just plucked the center stray hairs) is more on trend right now. Look at Zendaya’s brows, they are gorgeous, pretty close together, and yours are no where near as close as this!

Alexis Trent says:

What size are you in the bikinis ?!?!

Mallory Clemmons says:


McKenzie Davis says:

I love how HAPPY you look! From your smile to your body to the way you present yourself – your happiness is glowing from the inside out and it’s so contagious! probably going to watch the intro to this video every morning when I get up to feel happy ❤️ stay you girl!

Clint Eastwood says:

You should stay thick. So much better

Ashley June says:

Is this some sort of video game remix?! Love the music choice to this vlog!

F NASA says:

beautiful booty , would love to sleep on it

freshcatbeez says:

I just tried looking at the bikinis on Zaful and i’m seriously confused. I’m a 32A with a 25-26 waist. I used the livechat to ask about sizing because they all had different sizes and I was told I was too large! I then asked about returns and they said yes, I can return and gave me a link to their return info but it said no returns on swimwear. So I brought it up and they said oh, mistake, no return for swim. Then said if the size I order doesn’t fit, I can return it… But if my size is not the size on their chart I cannot return….what..

Hanna says:

You look so good Amanda. Also, i love to see how much you love your body no matter how you look. Such an inspiration. I never step on the scale, i don’t care about my weight at all. I look in the mirror and that’s it.

Sierra Franey says:

I ordered 2 bikinis the day this video came out and still have not received them lol I do not recommend zaful to anyone it seems very sketchy

Amy Stewart says:

Amanda that opening was killer. literally just won me over with that one. you look GREAT and the bikinis are super cute. Going to snag some before summer

Amber Ross says:

You are gorgeous inside and out. Thank you for spreading the message of SELF LOVE and always inspiring your followers to live a balanced lifestyle.

Dana M says:

I’m bewildered. She’s gaining weight on 1800 calories?!!!!

Essentials2 says:

anyone know the intro song?

Coaches Legion says:


Angelika Olszewska says:

Thick and sexy, I LOVE your physique!!

Casey Lawson says:

you’re beautiful amanda, i love you! i hope you do a meetup on the east coast sometime…

Ashley Rogina-Cole says:

What about something along the lines of building your temple? You continue to be such an inspiration on all levels, I love watching you grow. Keep doing you <3

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