NO BS AROUND HERE- NO NO NO. But honestly, I’m shook that I even liked some of these.. follow me on Instagram: @ElizabethZaks


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Jojo Crazy Cat says:

You don’t look good in any of those.

You look great in all of those !!!! 🙂

Jackie W says:

Can you make a video about your favorite workout supplements? (If you use any supplements) I’ve recently gotten into bcaas and protein and am always up for suggestions especially non-sponsored suggestions. Thanks so much! 🙂

projecktchaos says:

The last one looked the best. All of them looked great tho.

Rebekah Dean says:

NO BS and that’s another reason why I love you!!! ❤️

Emily Timms says:

GIRL HOW ARE YOU SO PERFECT??? fuck it upppp

Mikaylamakeuppp says:

what size did you order in these bikinis?? that’d be super helpful!!!!

Gloria Honoris Virtus says:

Convert to Orthodox Christianity, people!

Really Dry says:


golden child says:

Kudos on your amazing physique, they all look very good on you.

Anthony Lombardo says:

how come this isnt paid content when other girls charge you to see even less??

G. Edouard says:

Love your Zaful hauls… You are so honest. And I actually bought some from them liked some and others were ok… but you get what you pay for like they say. Love from Mia ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Shania Belcon says:

Girl l live for your personality. My fav Gemini.

Cheyenne Champion says:

You got a small in everything?
You lookin good girl updated measurements??

Marianne Boucher says:

It would be amazing if you could try the bikinis from Koana Swim! They look very nice on the web site but I’m not sure about the quality of them!

jesse The Texican says:

Your workouts are paying off . voluptuous and tone

Desii Marquez says:

I love her body ! ❤️❤️

Natalie xo says:

Don’t want to come off as rude but are your boobs legit? Cause they look so good I’m jealous lol

skromnosc says:

GIRL!! you look beautiful and your hair is POPPIN! i missed u wearing it slightly weavy like that <32

Emily Timms says:

You’re a real life mermaid damn

Rheayann Hurt says:

I get too excited when you upload!!

Adam Moreira says:

Gymshark—I hope you’re watching! That bikini they sent you looks wonderful on you Elizabeth! Zaful needs to step up its customer service…good Lord!

BTW, is there a story behind your Snapchat name?

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