My Waxperts Experience/Review (BIKINI & UNDERARM WAX!)

Many thanks to Waxperts for inviting me in to experience their ethos firsthand. And many thanks especially to Maggie for making the experience so easy… I am officially a CONVERT! A waxing tips video will be coming soon 🙂

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Disclaimer: Occasionally I am very fortunate and companies send me their products to try out and possibly review. This absolutely does NOT influence my reviews of the products in question. I would not jeopardise my integrity for a free lipstick. No way. You can rest assured that all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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Hazel Murphy says:

Love this girl!

Amie Harding says:

Would LOVE to be waxed!! Way too body conscious unfortunately! 🙁 xx

Nicola Murray says:

Love the honesty in this vid! Gonna book a wax appointment asap! ^_^ 

Nicholamaria says:

Oh Lordy! Do I have a wax story for you. Picture it… Shanghai 2008… A lady, her sister and a novice waxer. My sis and me had just had side by side massages and we were feeling relaxed and happy. I had booked a bikini wax as well. It’s my sister so we figured, go for it! I’m chatting away and the first smear of wax was applied… Bit toasty but ah sure it’ll be grand…rrriiiipppp… Sweet mother of god the pain! I grit my teeth and bear it. Rrriiiipppp! JAYZUS ME THIGH! I sat through about five minutes of torture and the novice murmuring “sorry, sorry,sorry”. My sister was in the shits laughing at my facial expressions. Thanks sis! I asked for the mirror at the end after I came to and I had strips of skin missing in a kind of a crop circle formation. I now ask the clinician how many years of experience she has before I even take off me duffle coat ( don’t actually own one but that was for effect). Thanks for sharing Laura. When I’m next in ireland I’ll make the trip to waxperts. Xoxo

NakedWithoutMyLippy says:

OMG!!! I’m so intrigued..i’ve never been waxed before and i’m curious 🙂 Would you consider lazer hair removal? X

Laura Finnegan says:

Love the waxperts girls they are amazing x

Clodagh McEniry says:

I want Maggie in my life x

Rebecca Bryson says:

I’ve waxed for years, we don’t even have a razor in our house! It’s so so much better. I get my legs, bikini and underarms done every 5 weeks, I’ve been doing it so long there are patches that just don’t grow back anymore! x

karen a says:

Love ur honesty , I get waxed only way to go whip it off ….everywhere 🙂 ha ha

Leah Nicole says:

Loved this!

Emma Chatterbox says:

Thumbs up for talking about vaginas like the normal body part they are 🙂

Chasing Ruby Chat says:

THIS IS WHY I LOVE YOU !!! I love that you made this video haha you are hilarious !! I only tried waxing once before and it was not a good experience at all , it kinda swore me off waxing certain regions but I’m intrigued now after hearing this review !! Thanks Laura Xx 

Sue Jordan says:

LOVED my Waxperts experience too, went in for a Brazilian, left with a full Hollywood as it was nowhere near as painful as I’d imagined. ALL of the rage that they’re out in Dun Laoire when I’m not driving, keep meaning to find a salon using their wax closer to Moi. 
Fab vid as ever, Chica. No messin’ messin’ – it’s my fave kind of messin’ 😉 xx

amanda rojas says:

Well you have balls. I can barely get naked for a massage myself! Maybe I would try something of an all natural hair removal for summer. Thumbs up for going through that and sharing to kazillions of people! (imagining what it would seem like, lol)

Riona Cahill says:

I LOVE YOU !! haha you are brilliant !! I would love to get waxed … but the FEAR !! I don’t know if I could.. I’ll definitely be keeping Waxperts in mind though 🙂 xxxx

Susan Looby says:

Good woman Laura ha I get laser it’s brill for everything

Andres Martinez says:

lindos ojos

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