KL Swimwear BIKINI HAUL! Try on & Review!

Just got in some new bikinis from KL Swimwear. They are handmade in Australia and fit amazing!

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Dave Ware says:

Ive never been as jelious of anyone as i am of your husband.

Justin Gibbons says:

Stripes, all day

Hobbit Hkove says:


Matt Sims says:

The safari was best! Matched your skin color perfect! Also goes very well with your body #strong

Kaz Puisis says:

All of the are my favorite

Nitro Ice says:

Your body is absolutely insanely hot!

James Archuleta says:

Ok Kristen, great video but let’s be honest. We all want to see smaller bikinies on your beautiful body you’ve worked so hard to create. Also with your beautiful tan bronzed skin tone some neon colored swim suits is would be awesome. I think a tiny hot pink bikini and you would set that crusie ship a blaze !!!! LETS SEE SOME BRIGHT NEON ON YOUR FINE ASS !!!!

Dhvanit Patel says:

its just got hot here! damn! #musclegoddess

Carlos Henriques says:

When you think she couldn’t be sexier…..what a GODDESS…..

Kenneth Davis says:

Hubby is definitely a lucky man! You looked amazing in all of them, then again, I think you could even make a paper bag look great!

Neil Upham says:

There is no way to choose just one. You make them all look awesome. These swimsuit companies should hire you to model their swimwear.

bleepbloop says:

whoa yesss

Frank Alfuso says:

You killed those bathing suits hot

Tony Diablo says:

I would love to see you in some pin up styles. Hair, cloths, etc. ❤❤❤

simonize251 says:

Thank you Kristen! Xoxo

Dan Huffman says:

HOLY S#!T…Yeah I see what you mean. That micro Brazilian Style is also my favorite. And you have some of the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. I like them all, because they were on you. Good Gawd.

Rich Mccarthy says:

2 nd one wins for me

Mad Hatter says:

Very nice selection Kristen, you should do a haul with Kat Wonders sometime if possible

getz workout says:

The second bikini is my farourite, it’s the prettiest on you ;)… T’es toute mignonne avec

dave bolton says:


Gary Curtis says:

Amazing that’s all there is to say

Michael 732 says:

Girl, you make me crazy!!! Rock this bikinis

wayne coker says:

I like the thongs, the less the better and you rock in all of them.

Raymond Horton says:

You really rock the Safari bikini but look awesome on you

Travel Odysseys says:

Just in time for the summer beach scene! Looking forward to learning more about your cruise. Sounds exciting! I supported your channel.

Night Begins To Shine! says:

You rocked em all girl. I dont think you couldnt rock any Kini. But deff. The stripes with the hat. Super Adorbs Kristen.

Crypto CrashMonkeyz says:

Love the stripped one with the hat

jessdog77 says:

You put the Daaaaa in #Daaaayyyyuuuuummmm!

Zea Moore says:

I think i speak for everyone when i say: “We love these bikini videos!” 🙂

Gary Girolami says:

Wow you look hot in those different colors bikinis! Have a question? Have you ever done an stomach vacuum before.

Dgrayman JJ says:

A string bikini would look even better on you !!

Carlos Lamadrid says:

Wow Kristen you make all those bikinis look gorgeous. You have a amazing body and personality. I hope you have a great summer and cruise in them. You get sexier every time I see you. I love you and your videos. Your awesome.

BeAware Now says:

Rock em all but stripes wins

Daniel Lama says:

Wow you make all those bikinis look even sexier than any bikini model. I hope you have fun and feel sexy.

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