🐸☕️ It’s officially time to spill the tea about all things Kayla Itsines’ BBG (bikini body guide). I did this guide for nearly two years. I talk you through my experience, the pros and cons and why I stopped doing the program.


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★ https://www.soul-cycle.com/instructors/10462/kallie/

Thanks so much and see you for the next one!




Elianne Alexander says:

LOVED this honest review!

Julia Kathryn says:

This is so interesting…I’ve done BBG workouts off and on, but never completed the guide. I’ve started it again…I keep coming back because I just want to complete it. It’s a huge mental thing for me. I always exercise, but I switch around a lot and always have this feeling of starting over. This time around I’ve decided to not do any jumping, just regular squats and lunges, and be GENTLE…modifying exercises if I need to. I’m not pushing myself to the point of pain or inflammation…I’m using it as a GUIDE and customizing it to what makes me feel good :). The whole point is to sweat and get stronger. I also follow a completely different diet because I have an autoimmune condition…and I want to stay med free. Her “nutrition” guide is absolute SHIT. lol.

Sydnee Millison says:

ok so you said your body stops changing when youre doing something for a long period of time, so how does soulcycle fit into that? i know workouts change a bit, but it’s more or less the same thing u know?

lilsun says:

I seem to not understand something here… so you didn’t like the program as much because it got boring and the nutrition plan wasn’t healthy to follow for a long term?

Sab Sab says:

I had the same “problem”! 😀 I sticked so strict to the program and help guide… I think it wasn’t healthy at all

Ali V says:

This was so relatable…. agreed with everything you said.

sophia chong says:

i don’t want to offend anyone but it seems like the BBG community is soooo disordered… having to justify something that makes you happy is just insane.

Laleh Haidari says:

Thanks for sharing your story Kallie! My impression is that you concentrated on the community and public aspect of this program way too much to the point that it let you down. I personally did this program at home without sharing any before and after photos on my social media. In fact, I didn’t take photos of my progress and I thought who should care what I do to stay healthy and in-shape really! I also never followed Kayla’s dietary advice and have always had my own healthy diet where I eat as much as I want but making sure I consume what my body needs nutrition wise.
If you think you’d have done all of these and would still be unhappy, then this is definitely not for you. I see this as a tool to motivate myself to care about my body no matter what and I don’t believe such programs will make you happy necessarily.
Much love x

Ali V says:

Also, can we talk about how everyone in Kayla’s program has a transformation but Kayla has remained the EXACT same for the last 3+ years…

Alexandria Lee Bastien says:

ughhh, so painful to watch.

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