GYMSHARK BIKINIS? | Swimwear Try On Haul & Review

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This video is my Gymshark bikini try on haul and review!
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Hey guys! For this video, I show you all of the new Gymshark women’s bikinis! Be sure to give this video a like if you want to see more Gymshark activewear and fitness clothing reviews. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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About Elizabeth Zaks: Hey guys, I’m Elizabeth Zaks! I’m a vlogger who started out making fitness videos, and I’m also a Gymshark athlete. You can find fitness videos, vlogs, day in the life videos, travel vlogs, and more on my channel! Fun fact: I can read, speak, & write in Russian and honestly that’s probably the coolest thing about me, lol.


Martin Cortes says:


De Jay says:

Love your bum x

510heart510 says:

Can you do a video on your arms/shoulder workout video?

Mariyah x says:

stunning x

Richie Steers says:

Your adorable, very pretty as well

Alycia Roehl says:

Can you do a life update soon?

WildTigerDanger Cool says:

How many squats do you do in a day???!!!!?!?!?!?

Katherine Garrido says:

hilarious intro lol I am crackingup at my desk! Love this video! You are goals girlll

dsteele2332 says:

God you’re gorgeous

Rachel padgett says:

What are your measurements? Like waist size? Just wondering so I have more of an idea of what size to order

MsMiyagii says:

Why did Youtube unsubscribe me from your channel?!

agusoccer says:

I love, beautiful

Ras Legion says:

I am digging… Even put you on big screen.. And, you look great. Blaze it girl!!!

Kate Dumas says:

You’re literally so funny and you look so great in all of those swimsuits. I need themmmm!

Shauwn S says:

Wow. What size are the bottoms and what usually do they match up w in underwear size? They look great.

Alejandro Razoo says:

Wooooau.. Beautiful.. <3
modela shoes..

Yodaddi Jim says:

great haul video, Elizabeth. U look great in those bikinis. THx for sharing xoxo

Julie Jigsaw says:

Your bikini body wowowoww

MarkNMichelleMicro says:

Seems like they all have too much booty coverage compared to your typical suits

Lauren French says:

Wow I relate to the of course it’s storming at 4 pm bc Florida on a SPIRITUAL LEVEL Y IS THE STATE LIKE THIS

Hannah Byford says:

Phahahaha that intro was so funny

tony aquilar Aguilar says:


Ma Sato says:

It will happen whether you are ready or not. So true, so sad

Nina Victorova says:

i wish you tried on all of the colours. hopefully next time! you look amazing xx

lionofgod9 says:

WHERE ARE THE CHEEKY ONES??????????????????????

Soda_84 says:

te como a besos

izzy P says:

Isnt it great to be single? So refreshing

Johnny Hearn says:

Your are one person who has an amazing body shape. Could you pls make a string bikini haul ? You would kill it pls

Jade Harrifit says:

The end had me dying! lmfao

E S says:

Elizabeth — look at this person stealing your content and instagram –

Sherlock Brasil says:

namora comigo?

Jennifer N. says:

I know this is really weird but as a busty lady I’m really worried about the top sizing. Could you give your bra size? I’m sorry that very revealing I just figured you may respond because I’m really concerned especially when I’m gonna try and get it ASAP and not worry at the sizes ya know? Thanks so much ❤️

Michael Rooth says:

Someone is putting your videos on Pornhub. You could be sooooooooo rich.

146timtoolman says:

Why is your closet so empty❓

Jérôme Carrier says:

Wow, you’re one of the most beautifull swimsuit model on earth (or Heaven)

trojanmanstrong says:

that purple bikini was so good

melanie ingram says:

You’re such an inspiration

Olivia The Wolf says:

Okay this is absolute crazy! So! Two years ago I followed you on insta but deleted it for private reasons but was recently thinking about you and couldn’t remember what your name was and I’d try to search you and yOU POP UP ON MY FEED! BLESS! IVE MISSED YOU AND YOUR ADVICE AND UPBEAT POSITIVITY AND GOD YOU GOT MORE GORGEOUS! KEEP IT UP!

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