Cupshe Bikini Try On + Review

Thank you so much for watching my Cupshe swimwear haul, all items will be linked below (check more below)

In this video I give an honest review of swimsuits and bikini from Cupshe. Hope this is helpful and you all enjoy this try on video!

Cupshe—Live Life On The Beach

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Cupshe Fleet Of Time Print One-piece Swimsuit:

Cupshe At Leisure Halter Bikini Set:

Cupshe Tropical Geometry Print Bikini Set:

Cupshe Classic Theme Splicing Bikini:

Cupshe Yesterday Once More Stripe Bikini Set:

Cupshe bikini review:

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Let me know your favourite styles below!


The Dude says:

Showed my fit 36 DD girlfriend this video and she said, “I’d kill to have her [Tessa’s] body.”
Just sayin’.

izman20 says:

You make great videos.

Michael Q says:

Wife material

Shams tabrez says:

U r looking dam hot in that

Paolo De Vincentiis says:

what a gorgeous woman

Bear Williams says:

I have to disagree with your assessment of how the bathing suit at 4:21 looks on you. I agree it’s a very nice suit and it might fit slightly better and you might be a little less likely to have a “wardrobe malfunction” if you were a little more full up top to hold things up a bit (no offense, I mean no personal criticism by any means). However, I still think it looks absolutely _stunning_ on you!

You may be a little more “flat” in that area than you’d prefer, but what’s there is insanely _beautiful,_ along with everything else (especially your sweet personality). That suit really highlights the stunning shape and symmetry of your chest as well as the beautiful musculature, making the whole package look absolutely incredible. I can’t imagine it looking much better on you, even if you were fuller up top. It looks amazing now.

Like many other aspects of life, quality is often more important than quantity. IMO, this is one of those cases and you have quality in spades. “Eye catching” is an understatement. On you, “eye popping” is much more like it. I think your idea of wearing that for photo shoots would definitely be a hit.

I do agree the last one really fits you well. I personally prefer the patterns on the first one you showed us and the one I mentioned to the stripes, but the fit of it really suits your body shape and it looks amazing on you. The first one really looks great, too. But then again, I find it hard to imagine any halfway decent bikini looking bad on you. 😉

Great video. Thanks for sharing and good luck in your competition. 🙂

525345amc says:

Nice outie

iSyriux says:

Today is my birthday 😀

Nicolai Brakoff says:

You are so nice

TheSteetsMan says:

Flex ur biceps

Carlos Rodriguez Ortiz says:

I know that we all see our bodies different from outside viewers and we hold ourselves to harder criticism but personally I believe the one piece looked really good on! I understand your concern but still on my opinion, you definitely rock it!!

P.s all these bathing suit companies should be paying you hahaha

Vinod Tripathi says:

Just scared of those muscles

STeeLo205 ImDatRapper says:

I like the little beat she has in the background

nombrilou says:

Nice abs and cute bellybutton ❤️

David Appleton says:

Hi, the one piece you could find a thin strip of elasticated material which is the same colour or a good contrasting colour and stitch it between the top to stop any mishaps. Cupshe should be paying you comission or giving you free stuff, maybe you should reach out to them.


Yep, the striped one is definitely the best!!! Great video!

John Smith says:

I like the first one best !!

Walter K says:

I agree with your favourite. It did fit the best. Not simply the size fit but it also fit your personality and persona. By the way, your Tuxedo Cat is pretty awesome. Lastly, you have beautifully expressive eyes. I do wish you success and fair/objective judging in your upcoming contest.

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