Cheap Bikini Haul – Try On & My Thoughts | NO BS Zaful Review

If you liked this type of giveaway please let me know and I’ll keep trying to put together awesome items for you!(: ♥

Let me know if you want to see more of these types of videos or if you want to see an “I bought it so you don’t have to” video with your ideas!(:

ALSO, a lot of you wanted to listen to the music that gets me pumped in the gym so I made a Spotify with all the music I listen to! Check it out:

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Allison Wipf says:

What sizes did you get in the zaful bikinis??

Barbara Raya says:

Do another bikini video please

Belinda Amador says:

Video starts at 4:00

Mike Armitage says:

Really nice figure. Are you going to do more of these?

Stefan Schernus says:

Instanz LOVE!

Jermaine Cole says:


Abbey Gibson says:

Yaaaay all done

Music_Bunny says:

has anyone ever tried bikinis on aliexpress??

Rachel Grace says:

where did you get the shorts you wore in the first try on (the white one)???

Leah Joel says:

Do a I buy it so you don’t have to, could you do it on a chinease prom dress website like beckysdress? Always skeptical about those things, but I want to see if it works

Chidi says:

Zaful and what was the second one?

Anxo Cid Pérez says:

Madre mía, vaya cabezón que tienes xDDDD jojojo

greg wayne says:

so sexy 🙂

Ryan Vaughn says:

You’re perfect


u r really nice elizabeth

Milena M says:

Mine took long to get here but the quality was good.

Mark Davenport says:

Why?!? Are white girls so lame?

Komaks Du says:

wish i have a gf like u, very beautiful

haileyphillips1996 says:

where were the more expensive bikinis from?

kostert100 says:

An honest review is so refreshing! Subscribed 🙂 xx

Paige Bennett says:

Do the brand lali and Layla tempted to buy form them heaps but I don’t know whether to or not because there so expensive

Thisislikesorandom says:

Where did u get the shirt?

Peter Kurz says:

Can you make the next video with cheeky underwear ??

Taylor Bradley says:

“I bought it so you don’t have to” would be amazing. You should do one on Romwe

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