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Lorelei Zuccarelli says:

anyone know where her shorts are from?

Everyday Starlet says:

This video is the best workout motivation I’ve ever watched!

ShylaS says:

love that orange velvet bikini sooooo much <3<3

Annabelle Scott says:

am so jelous of your figure !!!

MrSarahWOO says:

I’ve been seeing so many adds for this sight but I’ve always hesitated as I had bad experiences with similar ones in the past but this video made me confident in finally ordering! Thanks so much!

nefertina says:

YOUR QUADS THOOO they look so good

Rebecca-Louise says:

I loved your outfit in this vlog! Thanks for the bikini review 🙂

Ayshah Salim says:

Keep working hard for both your physical and mental wellbeing! You look/are amazing! Keep it up xoxo

Sabrina Alessandrino says:

I have a few of these bikinis and they’re honestly true to size!! Glad to see you like them too

Laricus says:

hehe grez u look so smol cus of the shorts like being so high waisted it makes it seem ur rlly smol but i love u and it just made me giggle thanks for dis lovely vid of pretty bikinis

Stellar Zephyrs says:

*Insert some generic anal sex related comment*

Kelsey says:

The background was cute in this one!!

Z GW says:

lmaooo anyone else just feel rly shit about themselves after watching this bc same

georga key says:

Grace this video is quality content x

Andrea says:

Let’s be honest, you’d look amazing in a potato sack! Outrageously brilliant! Xx

TiffanyAlesha - Beauty, Fashion, Fitness says:

love these pieces, dat bodyyyy

disneygirl says:

body goals gurll!!

angelettapuss says:

Grace did you say your boobs shrunk or…?

It's Lauren Carre says:

Orange velvet is also my fave!

maikel rap says:

all of them is looking amazing on u
keep doing more i like it

GingerGeorgia says:

Graceeeee I love the Zaful bikinis but im worried they wont fit my boobs? did you size up regarding this or was a small big enough? 🙂

Janet Rose says:

I feel like if you did a video that wasn’t sponsored it would be more real. They’re known to give good product to well known people.

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