Bikini Try On | Fairy Season Review

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number1fansince says:

Does anyone subscribe to her patreon. How sexy is much sexier over there

Stay_ illin says:

Will u ever try on a micro bikini?

Sam B says:

Has Jarret ever gotten a boner filming u?

generalzod4life says:

HOW can there be a SEXIER version of this video?!

Flexayy says:

Personally I’m a guy I liked the black one more than pink. The pink one to me the looks kind of weird. Black one definitely good

Daily News says:

The blue one was the only one I thought looked good.

juan gonzález says:

Barbara puta… Perra vagabunda no le entiendo un coño pero supongo que habla de sus puteria su sus huevadas de bikinis y tangas la MAMAHUEVO puta esta, vagabunda…. SOS una perra Christina …,!! Serás puta coño e madre….!!

Nomopoly 2 says:

I think you look great in almost all of them, but my fave is the one at 6:23 because I think the bold, simple shape and coloring suits your fun personality. Yes I agree though the bottoms should be a size down. Also like the first outfit, all those sparkles!

Winston Vandyke says:

That blue bikini is definitely a winner.

Mojo says:

my tongue be a much better bikini bottom

Carlos Mendez says:

Sexy my love!!

Milan Vukovic says:

Average and hot women have it so easy in this modern age.Get half naked, talk crap abd here are thousands and thousands of $.We men are very dumb….

Chris Sullivan says:

Always sexy never a disappointment

GS Wing Nut says:

Someone provide timestamps for all the camel toe views. Thanks and hugs.

warsane1 says:

Beautiful girl great butt, ok incredible butt but even better personality. Nice

Lurch685 says:

There has to be a God to design this

Maine NOVI says:

Lip slip would be nice I mean come on what are we watching her for not the clothing

Rony Guanilo Calderon says:

Te quedan riquísimos nena estás apetecible

gbuddy says:

Gorgeous body, and the bikini’s are nice too.

Daniel Acosta says:

Gracias por una paja nocturna

Styx Fan says:

Christina, I hope you will forgive me for being brutally honest. You look absolutely delicious in them all.

ChicksFit says:

So far, 82 people have clicked ‘thumbs down’- 81 women jealous of your round, perfect, hard ass, and one gay dude who also wishes his ass could compete with yours.

Jeff Robbins says:

GIRL where’s your bike, tis the season…

Eduardo Sánchez says:

Que buena y rica estás!! Quisiera comerte a besos;!

Kevin Coleman says:

I love these soft porn videos…lol

CICI shah says:


Benjamin Raspael says:

best tits ever !!

Mike Liggett says:

Your gorgeous and very intelligent. But can you make cornbread

izzy P says:

Are tour Patreon videos different than these?

William Fairfax Mason Prescott III says:

Adorably Presentable as Always luv ❤

Jc Fish says:

My gf watched your entire video while doggy style, she finished at the end.

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