BIKINI HAUL! Review and Try on!

Hey guys! This is my very first video and I worked so hard on it! I am so excited to finally post it. I love bikinis so I am showing you all of my favorite ones. Please enjoy and subscribe!:)


Rob Gravelle says:

This is the very best kind of youtube vid to start with! You are quite a stunner if I may be blunt. Keep it up.

g lorian says:

I’ve never bought anything from Kaohs – are the sides of the bottoms stretchy? I don’t really want any more coverage but my hips and butt are bigger than yours. Btw, great first video, loved it! (and subscribed!)

malefiguremodel says:

You are beautiful! Outstanding video. Definitely worth a couple of views. You look great in all the bikinis.

Un4Given71 says:

You will do anything that anyone wants to see? o_O

gymnassfan says:

I wanna put a baby in you. We’d got nice kids.

Ram Lakhan says:

u r so pretty

Carter McCaleb says:

You beautiful and cant wait to see more!

Александр Коноплянов says:

chic lady

Das Klavier says:

Perfect balance between describing and showing your suits, straightforward and confident without BS. Love it. I can see you rise in YouTube popularity the more you produce!

Joey Moore says:

love your video, love your taste in swimsuits!
you look pretty fucking amazing too 🙂

jack harrington says:

subbed hope you don’t mind a guy sub :/ your very beautiful 😉

Barracon says:

Hi! Can you burp? 🙂

Giselle Martin says:

Are you sponsored for the jewelry?

aresvanartist says:


fero2173 says:


socially aware says:


Maya says:

The blue bikini with the shells was so cute!!!! Also i loved your choker in the intro, where’s it from??

Chen Bob says:


Juanillo Padre says:

handjob ,jjjjjjjj 🙂 🙂 🙂

Gary Howell says:

The high cut “Mermaid” swimsuit was my favorite. You are a perfect bikini model!

steflova2 says:

you are doing great — your room look very arts and crafts. Do you make jewelry ? Or have you ever tried? Did you make one of the necklaces that you tried on ? — when you get around to doing a Question and Answer — you could share what it is like to be a model – in the industry etc.

Melanie's World says:

The off the shoulder bikini top is so pretty!

Michael Rooth says:

This is the best body on youtube.

Eli Unger says:

nice ass

Connor Thurlow says:

Nice 1st video, u were sups cute in those bikinis. I’ve noticed that u have a belly ring and was wondering if u could possibly do a belly piercing try on video. That would be super cool if u did and I hope u have fun with the rest of ur YouTube channel. Peace out!

Maddisontdog says:

Your beautiful. loved the video, how about a mini skirt and high heel one..

Caesar Guajardo says:

wooooow, yes, yes, yes perfect video hope others you tubers see it that’s how you do a try on loved

fgw114 says:

lingerie haul

Cory B says:

Loved your video and choice of suites!

CelticTiger says:

Congrats on the first youtube video it was brilliant full of information presented very well and love that you show exactly how the whole bikini looks back to front to even the sides. Your gorgeous very jealous of your body :). Thumbs up and a subscribe 🙂 look forward to seeing more videos from you.

omerin says:

Fatastic video! Nice job being the first one. You are beautiful and have an amazing body. Congratulations! Keep them coming!

Mike Evers says:

would love to see a lingerie haul 😉

Giuliana D'Alessandro says:

Wow you’re a goddess

The Good Boy says:

Sexy girl wearing sexy swimwears, but please try next time to keep enough distance from your cam so we can see your face when you are wearing them.

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