BIKINI GIVEAWAY | Try On & Review | Blake Dumont

I’m giving away a FREE bikini from Blake Dumont. Enter to win 🙂

Rule 1: Must be following both me and

Rule 2: There are TWO giveaway questions you must answer on my Instagram to be entered into the giveaway. The first one is on my post from today (Monday 4/9), and the second one I’ll be asking sometime this week, so keep an eye on my Instagram. 😉

The person with my favorite answers will win a free Blake Dumont bikini!

Winner will be chosen Friday, April 13th – so check back on Instagram to find out if you won! Good luck!


LittleSonny says:

Well, we get it. You are not that little girl next door anymore. You are hot now.
But most of subscribers were here for your music, not this kind of cheap bikiny “look im sexy” try on.
No hate but please start doing music again.
Show us your pipes, not skin.

TheCoffeeMachine says:

Ok…that crappy video again.. so 1 1/2 year ago, bikini -look-how-cute-i-look-thing giveaway… then no more videos.. finally a music video.. Shoes giveaway video.. now back to bikini giveaway-i-show-my-body-look-at-me-add-me-on-instagram thing. We should get a music video soon!

Eduardo Aranda says:

This is definitely not why I subscribed to this channel, but I think I’m ok with it….

Daley Holder says:

GOD DAMN! You’re looking hotter than before!

TheLinker says:

Lmao I forgot this channel even existed until now

Durrpadil says:

All the haters need to not. Content creation isn’t just limited to music! Respect. I say let her explore and do what comes naturally and just stay loyal. Content flourishes and happens in so many ways. If you really cared you would say the same; let Avery be Avery!

Fantaman900 says:

Wtf is this?! Fan service?

Tiff Nicole says:

Gone for 8 months then comes back just to show off her body again.

maru3303 says:

nice a… oh nvm it’s just hyperlordosis

Jason Martin says:

so beautiful !

Don Juan says:

Shoot .. This reminds me of Bikini Destinations .. I watched for the travel locals 😉

Grguric Dragan says:

you are so cute and beautiful to my heart is have max crazy jumping..;)

Muffin Kuchen says:

boob job lol

Can Musik says:

Avery you changed….

Vera H. says:

What the hell

Avery says:

your backkk

RLB Entertainment says:

Avery is the perfect example of letting the business change you. I miss the old innocent Avery.

Karen 18 says:

Miss your singing videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and Body Goals !!!!

IRONMAN000 says:

Omfg…. thank you lord for this wonderful day….!!

Khalifa Boss says:

1 viewer
1 comment
Can i get a ❤

Motichand Gosrani says:

A video after sooooo long !!
Missed you Avery!looking forward for covers!!

Ameri Wryter says:

Wow neither knew you were so cute. Great voice, talented lyricist and awesome body.

Jay Escobar says:

Lol Aton must be enjoying this

Андрей Марков says:

So pretty

greatone340 says:

One day there will be music again.

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