Amazon Bikinis Under $20 | NO BS review | Brazilian, Cheeky, & Full Coverage Try On Haul

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The bikinis (ordered a small in all of them- would say they all run true to size):
-Coral High Waisted full coverage bikini:
-Yellow Cheeky Bikini:
-Sky Blue Brazilian cut bikini:
-White Brazilian cut bikini:


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lizzy says:

I am that different breed lmao. For me it’s just like… nap time… it’s like how car motion puts me to sleep? Like yenno those great car naps? It’s the same thing but with the sun… I just like “hibernate” in the light with good vibe music.

ahndrez vera says:

i love your videos so pretty

Spun Defiant says:

You look great in everything, you’re so lucky.

Iz E says:

Bees have Knees Y’all Bee Cuzz”s.

James Jones says:

Those abs tho. EZ stay slaying. Your balcony looks like heaven.

Frances Sanchez says:

Wow those bikinis really were the cat’s meow

andrew jones says:


lindsey bailes says:

I feel like I’m just old, but the cheeky looks like a thong? No biggie and I see it where I live all the time (coastal GA area) but I was kind of amazed that either full-coverage or really low-coverage is whats currently in style

golden child says:

The last 2 look amazing on you, VERY nice.

Yo Rocky says:

You’re awesome, and a fitness inspiration!

silly sally says:

gorgeous! Booty real?

dominik 4 says:

You are so fresh. 🙂

dsmmike95 says:

Like the 1st one the best but all looked good not a fan of the blue. I like how you didn’t like the tie of #2 but your shirt is tied the same.

Kate C says:

That blue one looks so good on you! You’re such a beautiful woman.

Laura Annette says:

It’ll probably cost you $6 to get those straps taken in. Cute suits! Thanks for sharing!

kbadalament126 says:

On our next video we will watch Elizabeth wear a garbage bag and still look awesome

maikolosav says:

It’s funny how you were saying you didn’t like the tie of the yellow bikini, yet the top you’re wearing in this video has the exact same tie in the front!!

Tara Barela says:

You could say it’s the kitties titties

Elizabeth Zaks says:

JUST SO IT’S CLEAR: The tie is way too long and stringy on the bikini. The shirt I had on has a short cute little tie. I know what I said lmao- I’m not crazy I swear lol.

Amanda LaShawn says:

I LOVE just laying at the beach! Too bad I’m already black and don’t need a tan so I lay in the shade lol.

hadi ashjari says:

u are perfect

Precious says:

i let you know about a something Elizabeth. In turkish “El” mean is hand. el-izabeth is a girl name you know. So people say in turkish if u have no girl, your true love is your hand only. So your girlfriend is El-izabeth(hand) when you haven’t a girlfriend. kjhjkghkj

bellacristii says:

I like the last one too, I envy your slim stomach like no pudge on you. Like if I wear that I would have a pudge, i have a line from all the low waist Jean’s too tight

djFergus1 says:

“Bees knees”, why not, great phrase!

Gabriel Martinez says:

Omg your so pretty

Sandra Vergara says:

When she was holding up the yellow bikini and said she didn’t like the tie like “What is the point of this” GIRL UR SHIRT HAS THE SAME EXACT TIE HAHAHAHA ILY

Johnny Hearn says:

You do a great job on theses bikinis for girls to see how theses really are. You also are a great model to be trying them in keep up the great work.

Röbërt Fämösinhö says:

E muito Bizarro esses Biquínis Enormes kkk

azaleasmom1 says:

Bees knees is cute staaaahhhp lol nice try on.

Bizzlethetruth says:

Lol it’s the bee knees idk why but I enjoyed hearing u say that

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